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The Townhouse Residences

The Townhouse Residences accommodate 8 upper-class and graduate residents in each of 11 total units. Each townhouse is a two floor, suite style living area.  Students enjoy a private entry to their suite, a small common area on the first floor of their unit, and double and single rooms within each townhouse.  All rooms are furnished with a bed, bureau, desk, and chair per student, and equipped with student voicemail (for those who sign up for this service), cable TV and internet ports.

Room Types/Size:
8 person suites with 6 singles (~ 10’ x 7’) and 1 double (15’ x 12’) per unit

Housing for: upper-class students

Room Cost: (based on 2013-14 cost)

Double Room $5,470

Single Room $5,580


  • Private entrance to suite
  • Common space in each suite
  • Wireless access throughout Townhouse area
  • Central common area shared by all units with:
    • Full kitchen
    • Computer terminal and printer
    • Laundry facilities
    • Student mailboxes

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