Beyond Education

Thomas College's Three -Year Business Degree Programs
and Four-Year Accelerated MBA programs

Thomas is proud to introduce a new Three-Year business-related Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree Program. This new program will provide qualifying students with the opportunity to complete a traditional four year program within a three year time frame.  By joining this program, qualified students will graduate ahead of schedule becoming employable sooner with over 25% less debt than the traditional four-year degree.

Students who pursue this academic program will still have the same benefits of Thomas education by participating in campus life activities, a varsity/club sport, study abroad, and/or work.

Three-Year Business Degree Undergraduate Program

Students who join this program will complete six classes at Thomas each Fall and Spring semesters. During the summer months after year one and year two, students will complete four online (two each summer), compressed courses in the areas of Business Communications, Humanities, and two additional business-related electives designed for specifically for students in the program.  These summer sessions will carry no additional charges.

Which Programs are available to complete in 3 years?

Accounting (Degree Plan)
Accounting & Financial Analysis (Degree Plan)
Accounting—Forensic Accounting (Degree Plan)
Managerial Accounting (Degree Plan)
Public Accounting (Degree Plan)

Business & Management
Entrepreneurship/Small Business (Degree Plan)
Hospitality Management
(Degree Plan)
Hotel and Restaurant Management (Degree Plan)
International Business (Degree Plan)
(Degree Plan)

Computer & Technology

Information Technology Management  (Degree Plan)

Marketing Management
(Degree Plan)

Sports Management
Sport Management
(Degree Plan)

Plus One Options

Students who are part of the Three-Year Business Degree Program can choose to enroll in Thomas College's well established Accelerated MBA program with the goal of completing both a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree and a Masters of Business Administration degree in four years.

Masters of Science in Education
(Degree Plan)
Accelerated MBA
(Degree Plan)
Accelerated MBA - Accounting
(Degree Plan)

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