What is the Student Success Center (SSC)?

SCC Student Success Center

The Thomas College Student Success Center (SSC) is located on the first floor of the Alfond Academic Center (north wing). The Student Success Center is a comprehensive learning assistance center, serving to support the learning and success of each Thomas College student from entrance to graduation. The Student Success Center is a free service available to all Thomas students.

Peer Mentoring:

Location: AL-112, Alfond Academic Center       

Reanna Burns, Peer Mentoring Coordinator
Phone: 859-1209

The Peer Mentors serve all first year students at Thomas College and seek to support their success through fostering effective academic and social transitions to the campus community.

Peer mentors are continuing Thomas College students who have been carefully selected and trained to work with each first year student. The peer mentors begin contacting their students during the first week of classes and meet regularly with students throughout the semester.

Peer Tutoring:

Location: AL-115, Alfond Academic Center   

Heidi Holst, Director of Tutoring & Academic Coach      
Phone: 859-1205

The peer tutoring program fosters the development of independent learners by providing the tools necessary to succeed academically. It assists students with mastery of a subject area and helps them to develop a deeper understanding of how they learn, so that they can capitalize on their strengths.

Peer tutors are continuing Thomas College students who have successfully completed at least one year at Thomas College and who have earned the recommendations of the faculty members in the disciplines in which they tutor. They are carefully trained to work with both groups and individuals to foster a productive learning environment for each student they serve.

Tutors arrange their schedules at the beginning of each semester. Most tutors schedule their hours afternoons and evenings from Sunday to Thursday. Once the schedules are determined, they are posted outside the SSC and on bulletin boards throughout the buildings. Resident assistants have copies of schedules, and faculty announce the tutors' hours in their classes. Students are welcome to "drop in" for help anytime a tutor is scheduled to work, appointments can be made if a student needs a different time.

EDGE Program:
Location: AL-111, Alfond Academic Center

Contact: Amanda Favreau, EDGE Coordinator & Academic Coach
Phone: 859-1218

The EDGE program is designed to give students a jumpstart to their successful record at Thomas College. Beginning with a free one-week intensive program (including a college-level course, student development activities and college management workshops), EDGE is designed to assist students in building success in college. The intensive program is supported with individualized academic coaching throughout the fall semester.

Academic Coaching:
Location: AL-114 Alfond Academic Center

Debbie Cunningham, Dean of Retention Services
Phone: 859-1297

Academic coaching is an individualized approach to student success that builds on a student's academic strengths and fosters success through targeted one-on-one meetings with a professional staff member. Rather than covering pre-determined topics, academic coaching allows a student to focus on the areas on which he or she would like to improve. Professional members of the Student Success Center have been trained to recognize the areas that many first year students struggle with, but build each student's program based on the student's goals for the semester or year.

While Academic Coaching is encouraged for first year students, it is also available to continuing students when requested.

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