Friday, May 2nd - Friday, May 9th

Course Descriptions:

HU295 - The Creative Mind (3 credits)

Instructor: Dr. Pamela Thompson

Have you heard, seen, or used something new and wondered how someone came up with the idea? How do people develop new ideas for music, advertisements, or uses of technology? Generally new ideas are developed through creative thinking and a creative process that is used to expand on the "usual" way of thinking. In this course students will study creative thinking and the creative process. Students will apply creative techniques and process to develop creative outcomes in non-arts and music related projects. No prior experience in music or creative related areas is necessary.

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PY299 - The Nature of Intelligence (3 credits)

Instructor: Dr. Richard Biffle

What is intelligence? This question will be the focus of the course. Using a variety of media sources, students will explore ideas about intelligence from cultural, psychological, educational and brain-based perspectives. Deconstruction of IQ, cross cultural interpretation of intelligence, creativity, and theories of intelligence will be highlighted. Students will be encouraged to draw connections between these concepts of intelligence and their application to their own personal lives and professional work. 

Prerequisite: PY111 

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