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Marketing Management

Marketing  professional are typically creative, detail-oriented individuals. If this fits your profile, then consider a degree in marketing management from Thomas College. Marketing is a broad field with various career opportunities. At Thomas College you'll receive a comprehensive education that includes skill-building in sales, advertising, marketing research, retailing, as well as many other areas.

From the beginning, this program provides hands-on learning opportunities. For example, in the Principles of Marketing course you'll create a product, brand name, tagline, logo and magazine advertisement targeted to college students.  In Advertising and Promotion, you'll develop an advertising campaign for a local business. In Public Relations, you'll create a media kit that includes a news release, fact sheet, biography, Q & A sheet and business card. These are just a few of the activities that you will do in our multi-faceted program.

Marketing classes at Thomas are interactive and engaging, and before you graduate, you'll have the opportunity to apply what you have learned in our innovative internship program.

If creativity is a part of your profile, a marketing  major at Thomas is for you!

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