Beyond Education

Majors and Programs of Study

Associate of Science in Accounting (Degree Plan)
Accounting (+1 Option)
(Degree Plan)
Accounting & Financial Analysis (Degree Plan)
Accounting—Forensic Accounting (+1 Option) (Degree Plan)
Managerial Accounting (Degree Plan)
Public Accounting (Degree Plan)

Arts and Sciences
Associate of Arts and Sciences (Degree Plan)

Business & Management
Associate of Science and Business (Degree Plan)
Entrepreneurship/Small Business (Degree Plan)
Hospitality Management (+1 Option) (Degree Plan)
Hotel and Restaurant Management (Degree Plan)
International Business (Degree Plan)
Management (+1 Option) (Degree Plan)
Communications—Public Relations/Marketing
(Degree Plan)

Computer & Technology

Computer Science (+1 Option) (Degree Plan)
Information Technology Management (+1 Option) (Degree Plan)
Security and Cyber-Defense  (Degree Plan) 

Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice (Degree Plan)
Criminal Justice Administration
Criminal Justice - Crime Scene Investigation

Criminal Justice - Criminology

Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement

Early Childhood Education (Degree Plan)
Early Childhood Management
(Degree Plan)
Elementary Education (Degree Plan)
Secondary Education - English (Degree Plan)
Secondary Education - Social Studies (Degree Plan)

English (Degree Plan)

Finance (+1 Option) (Degree Plan)

General Studies & Undecided
General Studies (Degree Plan)
Undecided (Degree Plan)

Marketing Management  (+1 Option) (Degree Plan)

Political Science
Political Science (Degree Plan)
Political Science - Policy Studies

Political Science - Public Administration

Political Science - Security Studies

Forensic Psychology (Degree Plan)
Psychology (Degree Plan)
Psychology with Forensic Psychology Concentration (Degree Plan)

Sports Management
Sport Management (+1 Option) (Degree Plan)
Sport Management—Sport Marketing Concentration (Degree Plan)

+1 Options

Add one more year and earn a Masters Degree.
Eligible programs are listed above.

Masters of Science in Education
(Degree Plan)
Accelerated MBA
(Degree Plan)
Accelerated MBA - Accounting
(Degree Plan)

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