Life After Thomas - Guarantee Your Success 

At Thomas College we not only want to guarantee our students a job, we would love to guarantee our students a successful future.

Beginning this fall, Thomas is offering all students graduating in 2013 the opportunity to participate in a pilot program: Life After Thomas – Guarantee your Success. The primary objective of the program is to give seniors the tools they need to make decisions once they become college graduates.

 Life After Thomas events will be held at 5:30pm in the Dog Pound.       Register Here!

On October 18, the first session of Life After Thomas - Your Communities Matter, Network and learn about how to get involved in and give back to your community. Explore board, committee, and other volunteer opportunities, and talk to business leaders.

On November 15, the second session will be – Getting Your Foot in the Door.
Network and learn about the ins and outs of speaking in a professional setting, elevator pitches, and social media's place in networking.  

Fast forward to the March 14, 2013 session titled - Love Your Money
Real world instruction from financial planners and other pros about the rest of your life. Learn exactly what your credit score is, the value of renting vs. buying a house, and budget tips that will make life easier after college

April 18 will be the final session – You’re Hired – now what?
Network with business professionals and learn about all the back-of-the-house details of your first job. What is gross vs. net pay? How much should you put into retirement? How do you fill out a W-4?

Each session will consist of a reception designed to provide students the opportunity to network with Thomas alums and members of the community, as well as a panel of speakers to address each of the topics. In addition, we will raffle off a door prize at each session. All participants who attend at least three sessions will receive a copy of the book Life After School Explained, which covers many more life skills topics.

Register here for Life After Thomas events! 

Questions? Contact Cathy Dumont, Director of Alumni Relations at
Sponsored by the Thomas College Office of Advancement

Pictures from October 18th: Picture of Tom Cameron with Door Prize

Congrats to Tom Cameron, winner of the Google Nexus 7!

A little networking and refreshments!

Did you know?

85% of alumni live in Maine
with the other 15% representing
every other state and 14 countries.


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