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President Laurie Lachance

Thomas College warmly welcomes Laurie G. Lachance as its first female and first alumna President.

Laurie earned her bachelor’s degree at Bowdoin College and her master’s in business administration here at Thomas. Professionally, she has held various roles in economic forecasting and development, including at Central Maine Power; as State Economist for three Maine governors; and, as president and CEO for the Maine Development Foundation. She has been the recipient of numerous leadership awards and serves on several boards including Educate Maine and as the Chair of Educare Central Maine.

While she would not say this of herself, Laurie’s reputation as a visionary, ambassador, and hard worker make people from throughout Maine and beyond respect, admire, and want to partner with her. That standing is solidified by her friendliness, optimism, and honest approach to everything she does.

But above all, her passion for education and its role in serving students, employers, communities, and the world make her a fantastic fit for Thomas College.

Please join us in celebrating Laurie’s inauguration.

If you missed the Inauguration Ceremony, you can view it here.

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