Honors Options - Fall 2014
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MG110 Honors First-Year Seminar in Management
All entering students at Thomas enroll in a First-Year Seminar designed to deepen their understanding of a career field while improving their information-literacy, study-strategy, reading, and critical thinking skills. In this Honors Seminar in Management, students in business fields will have the opportunity to learn from Professor Edward “Ted” Hatch, who shares his broad background and expertise in the field of international business and management with his students. Professor Hatch will build the analytical and communication skills of business students, and encourage them to begin building their career portfolio that will provide the foundation not only for success at Thomas, but for that first position and beyond. Note: Students electing into the College’s Three Year Bachelor of Science option (Keist-Morgan Scholars) will be pre-registered for this seminar.

HN110 Honors First-Year Seminar in Arts and Sciences: Experiencing Diversity
In this specially designed First-Year Seminar for Arts and Sciences majors, students will examine critically important dimensions of cultural diversity in our community. Students combine theoretical inquiry with hands-on experience to examine the impact different cultures have on our institutions, schools and businesses that are informed by a series of readings, community based projects and writing exercises. This course provides students with opportunities for important career and life experiences while introducing them to Thomas research resources, career services, and co-curricular activities. Offered by Richard Biffle III, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Education and President of the American Association for Teaching and Curriculum, this Honors Seminar in Arts and Sciences is designed to deepen students’ understanding of intergroup relations while improving their information-literacy, study-strategy, reading, and critical thinking skills.

PY111 Honors Psychology
Honors General Psychology is offered by Assistant Professor of Psychology Dale Dickson, Ph.D. Students in Honors Psychology meet once a week for lecture and discussion and once a week in the Davis Laboratory for experiential learning. Through experiments, demonstrations, online assignments and presentations on cutting edge issues, students explore the inner workings of the human mind. Honors General Psychology meets the College’s general education requirement for the social sciences and is a course that is required in a number of majors.

HG215 Honors Modern Western Civilization
This survey course introduces students to major ideas and historical events of the late eighteen, nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The central focus of the course is on the evolution of the Western tradition since the French Revolution to the present. Major attention is given to the processes of social change, the role of industrialization, and developments in political thought and organization. Cultural, ideological, scientific and artistic developments are covered. Course readings include primary source writings. Assistant Professor of Political Science and Chair of the Arts & Sciences Department, John Majewski, Ph.D. draws from his personal commitment to help students make the connection between their academic understandings of political science and their opportunities and obligations for civic engagement as they pursue meaningful and productive lives.

EH199 Honors Composition
Honors students may take a specially designed section of Honors Composition offered by Associate Professor Mark “Dog” Wallace. In this course, students have the opportunity to maximize their writing and research skills in a fast-paced and rigorous course that will showcase their abilities in communication. Students who successfully complete the Honors Composition course with a grade of C or better in the fall term bypass the second course of the traditional two-course English composition sequence. Instead, they can substitute any liberal arts elective to allow them to explore and deepen their understanding across different disciplines. In this way, Honors Composition offers talented students a “Two for One”: the equivalent of two semesters of writing in a compact, one-semester format.

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