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How Can I waive my $40 application fee to Thomas College?

Here are ways you can save your $40:

  1. If you are a senior in high school, apply to Thomas College by December 15th- we waive ALL application fees for early applicants.
  2. Visit Thomas College!  We want you to see our pristine campus 1st hand.  By doing that anytime during your high school career we will document your visit, and waive the fee.
  3. Do you know a Thomas College Alumna?  If you do, let us know who that person is, and we will waive the $40 application fee in their name.  
  4. Do you know a current Thomas College student?  Same as the alumna, we will waive your fee in their name.
  5. Are you experiencing a financial hardship?  Contact the Dean of Admission and communicate the barrier the application fee is providing to you.  
  6. Have you received a College Board waiver from your guidance office?  

If you have received a waiver from another source, other than one that is listed, please contact your admissions counselor, they would love to work with you.

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