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Information for New Students and Their Parents

A Message From the Office of Residential Life and Housing

At Thomas College we understand that the first year away from home is often the most difficult for college students.  We attempt to help our residential students with this transition in various ways.  However, parents often need help through the transition from full house to empty (or emptier) nest.

Feel Free to check out this link for articles and advice for families that are specific to residential life that we feel are helpful in preparing both students and families for what to expect in the upcoming year.  Please keep in mind that these articles were not written by our Residential Life Staff and some of the policies and procedures specific to Thomas College may be slightly different.  Always refer to your Thomas College Student Handbook or the Office of Residential Life and Housing for answers to your questions about policies and procedures.

A Home Away From Home!

  • Area Coordinators (AC's) are live-in professional staff members assigned to work with either first year or upper class resident students.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the AC specific to your student.

TLC at TC - If your student is feeling a bit under the weather - let us know!  Fill out a TLC at TC form online and let us know what's wrong.  Within 24 business hours, a member of our Residential Life Professional Staff will check in on your student with a "get well" bag.  Please note that if your student is experiencing a medical emergency or needs immediate assistance, they should contact the Health Center as soon as possible or their Resident Assistant or Public Safety if during times when the Health Center is not open.  If after regular business hours or during a weekend/holiday, a TLC at TC form may not be seen/read until the next business day.

  • Have you checked your homeowners insurance to see if your student is covered against theft, fire, or other damage while living in the residence halls?  Accidents and situations happen - be sure your student is covered.
  • Live at a distance from campus and need to conserve car or travel space?  Consider ordering bedding online and having it delivered to campus in time for move-in day!  Allow two weeks time for date or order to scheduled move-in day to assure delivery in time.  When purchasing bedding - our rule of thumb is to always purchase twin x-long.  Large chain stores like WalMart and Bed, Bath and Beyond often offer bedding packages and free delivery each summer.  Likewise, many of these same department stores also  have "dorm fridges" available - please be sure that these are NO LARGER than 2.7cu (anything larger is not permitted in housing). 
  • Check out the Residential Life FAQ's for more info!

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