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November 2013

The Impact of Energy Efficiency to Your Bottom Line

WATERVILLE, December 2013 – The next Business Breakfast, presented by Thomas College and the Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce, will host Michael Stoddard, Executive Director of the Efficiency Maine Trust. Stoddard will show you how to save money while being energy efficient. The breakfast will be held on Thursday, December 12, from 7:15 – 9:00 a.m. in the Spann Student Commons Summit Room on Thomas College’s campus at 180 West River Road in Waterville.

Michael is the first Executive Director of the Efficiency Maine Trust, a position he began in 2010. Before coming to the Trust, Michael was Senior Counsel at Environment Northeast (ENE), a nonprofit research and advocacy group that specializes in climate and energy policy. He was ENE’s lead energy advocate in Maine where he helped to negotiate, draft, and pass the legislation for Maine to join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative; to reform of Maine’s building energy codes; and, to restructure Maine’s administration of energy programs.

Prior to working at ENE, Michael was the Assistant to the Chairman of the Federal Election Commission in Washington and worked for six years in international development work at the National Democratic Institute (NDI), traveling across South America and Africa. In 1995, Michael lived in South Africa, working on the development of that country’s new constitution.

Michael was appointed to the Maine Energy Conservation Board and also to the Governor’s Emergency Energy Task Force. Based on the work of this Task Force, Michael testified before the U.S. Senate, Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, on “Solutions To Cope with the Rise in Heating Oil Prices.” He also served on the Environmental Technology Advisory Board of the Maine Institute of Technology.

Michael holds degrees from Williams College and the University of Maine School of Law. Originally from Brunswick, Michael now resides in Portland.

The Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce holds monthly informative presentations on a variety of educational business topics at Thomas College’s Spann Student Commons. The cost of the Business Breakfast is $15 for those members who register before the event and is $17 at the door. The general admission is $20 for the public. A hot breakfast is included with the reservation. To register, go online to or call 207.873.3315.

The sponsors for the Business Breakfast are AT&T; People’s United Bank; Higgins & Bolduc Insurance; Nicholson, Michaud & Company; and, O’Donnell, Lee, McCowan & Phillips, LLC.

For additional information, contact Jennifer Buker at or 207.859.1319.

Colleges Take a Practical Approach to Mobile Security

Thomas College was featured in the article, “Colleges Take a Practical Approach to Mobile Security” written by Steve Zurier, about how we have switched to Absolute Manage MDM. Zurier writes that Thomas is favorable to technology, and is not short on devices for student use. Thomas lacked a way to secure those devices until about two years ago.

Chris Rhoda, Thomas College’s Vice President of Information Services, appreciates how MDM software helps to manage technology available to students. The article quotes Rhoda, “We’re able to track usage, which applications were used and what’s changed, especially on devices students take out from the library, we can also restrict certain settings on the device from being accessed by general users, push out standard settings and do automated distribution of mobile apps.” Rhoda is also a CIO for the President’s council for Thomas College.

Thomas College uses the software for only school-issued devices, not personal. MDM is growing in popularity for other security vendors. The article quotes Phil Hochmuth on how MDM are useful for other locations that need extra security on their IT department controlled devices.

According to the article, MDM protects communications within the college, and important files stored on devices owned by the IT department. It is mentioned that Berea College also uses the software to protect their devices for employees who handle sensitive information.

The article also gives some good pointers for IT managers for mobile security from Phil Hochmuth. He writes that using the software you already have is a good idea. It is a good idea to rank different types of users for all devices, which provides higher efficiency for those users and IT managers. Finally, focusing on the data to be concerned about can help in choosing the right data loss prevention tools.

Thomas College Opportunities Abound

The Maine Townsman, a magazine put out by the Maine Municipal Association, recently published an article titled “Thomas College: Opportunities Abound” written by Dr. James Libby and Dr. Emily Shaw. Dr. Libby is the Academic Dean for Thomas College, and is a former two-term State Representative and two-term State Senator. He is the author of four books, and several newspaper articles and guest editorials. Dr. Emily Shaw is the Assistant Professor of Political Science. She is a graduate of Brown University, and previously worked as a researcher for many organizations for human, and civil rights.

In this article, Libby and Shaw discuss how because of today’s challenges for municipal employees, the Maine Municipal Association and Thomas College have entered into a “Memorandum of Understanding.” It is recognized that even though employees are faced with these challenges, people still expect a high quality of service. These two organizations plan to come together to shape students to develop new skills for managing change in the municipal world.

Thomas College and MMA plan to do this by providing students with current issues and technologies available to help build their abilities for an ever-changing work environment. They write that they plan to hold non-credit seminars, day workshops, and courses that lead to college degrees. Thomas and MMA wish to work with other colleges and universities to achieve their goal of bettering the future for municipal employees and citizens.

Libby and Shaw explain that Thomas College offers a very wide curriculum of professional and business programs. They have goals for academic programs which include the Graduate Division, the Department of Arts and Sciences, and the Department of Business Administration.

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