Beyond Education

Get Ready To Travel

Once you are accepted into the program you must gather the following information:

  1. Name of organization where study-abroad or internship abroad will take place (example: London School of Economics).

  2. Name of organization with a Thomas affiliation (if applicable). Examples include GlobaLinks, API, Audencia University, Washington Center.

  3. Coordinating administrator/contact with affiliate organization (Name, address, telephone number).

  4. Location/full address of the participating international institution.

  5. Address and telephone number for residence/location where you will be staying.

  6. Contact person at residence/owner or operator (example: Residence Hall or Hotel).

  7. Verification of flight information (provide flight number, operator, time of travel, and all stops).
    This information must be provided at least three weeks prior to travel.

  8. Intention of travel elsewhere during stay.

  9. Verification of Civil Insurance for the country or countries that the student will travel to
    (Example: France has a civil liability insurance requirement – cost of approximately $40 USD).

  10. Verification of ground travel (Train tickets may be purchased online or via organizations such as AAA in the United States).

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