Embedding Online Videos within a PowerPoint Presentation:

  1. Add Developer options. Go to the ‘File’ tab and then ‘Options’. Choose ‘Customize Ribbon’. On the left hand side, under ‘Customize the Ribbon’, check the box next to ‘Developer’ and click ‘OK’.
  2. In PowerPoint, choose the ‘Developer’ tab. Click on the ‘More Controls’ option (looks like a screwdriver and wrench). Choose the ‘Shockwave Flash Object’ option. This will give you a cursor that you can use to click and drag in order to create a box.
  3. Right click on the new box. Choose ‘Property Sheet’. Copy the URL of the video you wish to embed. If it is a YouTube video, make the following changes to the URL. For other sources, contact the Service Desk.
  4. URL from web browser:
    Should be changed to:

  5. Paste the modified URL in the ‘Movie’ field within the property sheet.

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