Information for Canadian Students

I-20, Visa and Initial Entry to Study at Thomas College

If you are a Canadian citizen, you will be required to pay the $200 SEVIS fee once you receive an I-20 from Thomas College (once you’ve paid your $300 enrollment deposit) in order to gain F-1 student status. However, Canadian F-1 students are NOT required to obtain a student visa stamp from a US Consulate or Embassy.

After receiving an I-20, Canadian students may enter the US for initial attendance at Thomas by presenting only the I-20 form, evidence of admission to Thomas College, and evidence of financial support, and documentation showing identity and citizenship. Students should be sure that the officer at the border processes their I-20 by stamping it in the upper right hand corner and adding the notation, "F-1 D/S." Students should also be given an I-94 card marked "F-1 D/S" at the border. New students will bring these to the International Student office to be copied for the files. If the I-20 is not stamped or an I-94 is not issued, we will help you take steps to correct the error.

If you have questions, contact Gina Fasulo the International Admissions Counselor at or 207-859-1101.

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