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Waterville has two large department stores which carry everything from bedding, food, clothing, school essentials, and electronics. Wal Mart & KMart are both major department stores and are located on the other side of Waterville from Thomas College but can be easily reached via the UCarShare service or a taxi described under the transportation section of this website. These two stores are a great resource for general shopping as they have a wide selection of items in a variety of departments. Please reference their websites to determine if what you are looking for is carried in their stores.

Kmart:  - 18 Elm Plaza, Waterville, ME 04901 - (207) 873-5641

Wal Mart: - 80 Waterville Commons Dr. - Waterville, ME 04901 - (207) 877-8774

There are also several smaller stores and shopping areas located on both sides of Waterville and the downtown area.  For more information, please check these area websites:

Downtown Waterville Shopping and Restaurant

Waterville Shopping and Restaurants

Waterville features several excellent grocery stores. Wal Mart and Kmart listed above have grocery sections but may not have as wide of a selection as the stores listed below. Though both Hannaford and Shaw’s supermarket have a comparable selection of groceries and both have an in store pharmacy. Shaw’s has a slightly larger “international foods” aisle in the store. Uncle Dean’s Good Groceries is a natural and organic food store that has a wider selection of unique and more natural (so sometimes more specialty items) selection than what is carried at either Hannaford or Shaw’s.

Hannaford Supermarket (Closest to campus): 190 Kennedy Memorial Dr. Waterville, ME - (207) 873-0788

Shaw’s Supermarket: 251 Kennedy Memorial Dr. Waterville, ME   

Hannaford Supermarket (next door to Kmart listed above): 140 Elm Plaza Waterville, ME - (207) 877-0700

Uncle Dean’s Good Groceries: 80 Grove St. Waterville, ME - (207) 873-6231

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