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There are a variety of ways to get around Waterville and the central Maine area:

CAB/Taxi Services:
There are several taxi cab services in Waterville, ME which are recommended for shorter around town trips. Fares range from $4.00-$10.00 USD depending on the distance and time of your trip. It is a good idea to have cash ready for paying CAB fares as credit or debit cards are often not accepted. It is customary to tip your CAB driver 15-20 percent of the fare ($1.50-$2.00 on a $10.00 fare, $0.60-$1.00 on a 4.00 fare).
  • Elm City Cab, 4 Kelsey St, Waterville, ME. Tel: 207-872-0202
  • Elite Taxi, 3 Willow St, Waterville, ME.  Tel: 207-872-2221 - Elite Taxi offers a $1.00 discount to students with a Senate Discount Card 

Thomas Mini Bus/Shuttle:

Some events and programs off campus will have transportation provided via the Thomas Mini Bus. These programs will have shuttle/mini bus pickup locations and times posted in advance. Some of these programs may include shopping trips to local stores and social and recreational events off-campus. The Thomas Mini-Bus/Shuttle will also be scheduled for select pick-up and drop off times at local transportation stations and airports at the beginning and end of breaks. Due to the fact that these shuttles are designed to accommodate multiple students, individual student pickup/drop of requests may not be able to be accommodated. If you have a question about upcoming events where transportation will be provided please contact John O’Connor at or 207-859-1247 or stop by his office in the Spann Commons.



The UCarShare is a service that allows you, as an individual student, to sign up to rent and drive a car that is kept on campus.  This service is available to all on campus through the UHaul UCarShare program.  You’ll pay a hourly or daily rate for use of the car, however, do not pay for any gas, insurance, etc. This service can be very helpful for shopping trips or other area trips that may be too expensive for a taxi and this way, you do not have to wait if the car is available. The Thomas College UCarShare Car is parked in the North Lot on campus just behind the Alfond Athletic Center. You need an International Driver’s License in order to utilize the service so you may want to request a copy of your international driver’s license and driving record before you leave your home country as this will expedite your registration to use the car. You can then sign up for the service online at:   


There are two airports that service the Waterville, ME area.  Both are approximately 75 minutes from campus. When shuttles are provided for students at the start and end of breaks and the semesters, they are provided only to the Portland International Jet Port.

Portland International Jet Port

Bangor Airport

Bus Stations and Train Service:

There are two bus lines that service the Waterville area and both provide connections to and from the Portland International Jet Port.  Greyhound Bus has a station and pick up/drop off in Waterville.  Concord Coach Bus picks up and drops off in Augusta, ME (approximately 30 minutes from campus).  However, during the school year, they also have a pick up and drop off at Colby College in Waterville (approximately 10 minutes from campus).  Please check online schedules before purchasing your ticket.

The train station, available in Portland, ME, provides connections to other stations throughout the United States and the Downeaster, run through Amtrak, provides daily trains to and from Boston, MA.

Greyhound Bus

Concord Coach Bus


The Downeaster

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