One of the central ideas in An Invisible Thread is how our lives are mixtures of joy and disappointments. Schroff writes, “[T]he beauty of life is that inside … disappointments are hidden the most miraculous of blessings. What we lose and what might have been pales against what we have” (184).

For this writing option, identify a time when something you had hoped and worked for did not turn out as you planned. Later on, though, it presented you with a new option, a new path, or a new perspective. Describe the difference between your original plans and the “blessing” hidden in that disappointment. What changed?

Consider the following when outlining your essay:

  • What was your specific goal or dream?
    What did you hope for and why was it important?

  • How did your perspective change as a result?
    What “blessing” was hidden in the disappointment?

Write at least 500 words (two typed double-spaced pages). Provide illustrations or examples from your life to support your work. Since this will be the first example of your writing skills for your instructor for your First-Year Seminar course, you should demonstrate your understanding of appropriate sentence structure, grammar, punctuation and word choice.

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