Academic Calendar

Fall 2014

August 28 Thursday Summer II Ends – Evening Divisions

30 Saturday New Student Move-in/Orientation

31 Sunday Orientation Continues

September 1 Monday Labor Day Returning Students Move-in - No Classes

2 Tuesday  Fall Classes Start

5 Friday Summer II Grades Due - Evening Divisions

10 Wednesday Last day to add courses; last day to drop courses
with no transcript record 

26 Friday Early Warnings Due - Day Divisions

October 13-14 Mon-Tue Columbus Day Break - Day Divisions

17 Friday Mid-Semester Warnings Due - Day Divisions

November 6 Thursday Last Day to drop a course  - Day Divisions

10 Monday Veteran’s Day (No Classes)

20 Thursday  Last day of T-THR classes – Evening Divisions

24 Monday  Last day of Mon classes – Evening Divisions

17-21 Mon-Fri Pre-Registration – Day Undergrad Divisions

26-28 Wed-Fri Thanksgiving Vacation – Day Undergrad Divisions

December 2 Tuesday Fall Grades Due - Evening Divisions

12 Friday Last day of classes - Day Undergrad Divisions

15-19 Mon-Fri  Finals Week - Day Divisions

29 Monday  Fall Grades Due – Day Divisions  

Spring 2015

January 5 Monday Spring Classes Start - Evening Divisions

10 Saturday New Student Move-in/Orientation

11 Sunday Returning Students Move-in

12 Monday  Spring Classes Start - Day Divisions

12 Monday Last day to add/drop courses - Evening Divisions

19 Monday Martin Luther King Day – No Day Classes

20 Tuesday Last day to add courses; last day to drop courses
with no transcript record - Day Divisions

February 16 Monday President’s Day –  No Day Classes

16-20  Mon-Fri  Vacation (No Classes for Day Divisions only)

23 Monday Last day to drop a Class - Evening Divisions

27 Friday  Mid Semester Warnings Due - Day Undergrad Divisions

March  20 Friday  Last day to drop a course - Day Divisions

 26 Thursday Last day of classes - Evening Divisions

  30-3 Apr Mon-Fri  Vacation (No Classes) All Divisions

April 6 Monday Summer I Session Begins - Evening Divisions

6 Monday Spring Grades Due - Evening Divisions

13-17 Mon-Fri Pre-Registration - Day Divisions

13 Friday Last day to add courses; last day to drop courses 
with no transcript record - Evening Divisions

May 1 Friday Last day of Classes – Day Undergrad Divisions

4-8   Mon-Fri Finals Week

8   Friday Senior Grades Due by Noon - Day Divisions

15 Friday Non-Senior Spring Grades Due -Day Divisions

16 Saturday Commencement

 25  Monday Memorial Day (No Classes)⁞ Evening Divisions

June  29 Monday Last day of  Summer I Classes - Evening Divisions

July 3 Friday  4th of July (No Classes) Evening Divisions

Monday  Summer II Session Begins – Evening Divisions

13 Monday Last day to add/drop courses - Evening Divisions

9 Thursday Summer I Grades Due – Evening Divisions

August 27 Thursday  Summer II Session End – CED/Grad

September 7 Monday Summer II Grades Due – Evening Divisions

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