Graduate Course Rotation 2013-2014

The yearly schedule is for planning purposes only. All courses are subject to substitution or change.

 Fall 2013

 Spring 2014

 Summer I 2014

Summer II 2014

TCI 2014

AC551 - Managerial Accounting MS552 - Operations Research  MK551 - Marketing Management Business Elective  MG559 - Leadership of People and Organizations
MK551- Marketing Management Business Elective FN551 - Financial Management Management Elective  MG575 - Quantitative Analysis
EC551- Managerial Economics HR Elective MG695 - Strategic Planning Human resources Elective  AC555 - Business Simulation
MG554 - Project Management FN551 - Financial Management Business Elective Human Resources Elective  Project Management Elective
MG551 - Organizational Theory and Behavior EC551- Managerial Economics MG544 - Project Management  Human resources Elective
Grad Business Elective MG695 - Strategic Planning  MG533 - Innovation, Change and Agile Projects
HR566 - Employment Law MG535 - Complex and Advanced Projects
MG533 - Innovation, Change and Agile Projects
MG532 - Managerial Risk Analysis and Decision Making
ED551 - Seminar in American Schools ED555 - Trends in Instruction Capstone in Education Education Elective
ED552 - Students and Families at Risk ED553 - Educational Assessment Education Elective ED571 - Organizational Theory and Behavior
ED554 - Trends in Curriculum ED698 - Capstone in Education Writing Development and Instruction
Education elective Education Elective Literacy Elective
ED573 - Supervision and Evaluation of Personnel ED642 - Financial Management of Schools Rotating  Education Required Course
ED565 - Children's Literature Literacy Assessment
Literacy Education Elective Literacy Education Elective

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