Are all institutions the same? College vs. University

In the United States, there is very little difference between a college and a university.  Although for other parts of the world, this is difficult to understand, both titles mean an institution of tertiary learning and higher education. Typically, Universities are larger and may contain several colleges within the university. For instance, you may attend the university but your program and degree come from the College of Business. Typically, a college is smaller than a university and specializes in a set of degree programs, like liberal arts or sciences.

It is also important to understand that community colleges only offer two year degrees - Associate's, and trade or technical certificates.  Students that attend a community college must also transfer to a college or university to obtain their Bachelor's degree.

At Thomas, our small size and focus in the liberal arts, criminal justice, technology and business fields lend us to the College title. Our programs are fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and some are even further accredited by specific regulating boards related to a program. Our students tell us time and time again that they choose Thomas College because of it's small community feel and they know they will receive personal attention - we hope you feel the same way too! To learn more, check out our admissions requirements and submit your application today!

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