RDP License Error Fix

If you are receiving an error saying "The remote session was disconnected because there was an internal error in the remote computer's licensing protocol," please follow the instructions below to resolve this issue:


  1. Download the following Executable to your computer (paying attention to where you download it to): RDPFix.EXE
    Note: Clicking 'Run' directly from the download will NOT work
  2. Locate the RDPFix.EXE on your machine
  3. Right-click the RDPFix.EXE file and select 'Run as administrator'
  4. Click 'Yes' to the 'User Account Control' Prompt
  5. Click 'Yes' to the 'RDPFix' Prompt (this is basically the same instructions that are listed here)
  6. Type 'Yes' (without the single quotes) in the Command Prompt window and hit 'Enter'
  7. When the 'Remote Desktop Connection' Application opens, connect to one of the terminal server (,,, or
  8. Once you have successfully connected to the terminal server, close out of the 'Remote Desktop Connection'
  9. Click 'OK' to the 'RDPFix' and delete the 'RDPFix.EXE' file
  10. You are now all set to continue using 'Remote Desktop Connection' normally

 Mac OS X:

  1. Go to 'Macintosh HD' > 'Users' > 'Shared' > 'Microsoft'
  2. Go into the 'RDC Crucial Server Information' and you should see a folder with no files
  3. Go back to the 'Microsoft' folder
  4. Control-Click on 'RDC Curcial Server Information' and click 'Get Info'
  5. Under 'Sharing & Permissions, select 'everyone' and change it to 'Read & Write' (or 'Write Only' depending on user credentials)
  6. Run your Remote Desktop Connection again and it will start working normally


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