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Inaugural greetings and acknowledgements

Wm. E. 'Bo' Yerxa II
Director, Maine Center for Continuing Education
Southern New Hampshire University
Congratulations, Laurie. Having watched/worked with you in several settings, I know that you have the intellectual ability, skill set, work ethic and commitment to place and mission necessary for success as President of Thomas College. I expect many exciting advancements in the future under your leadership. The Thomas Board of Trustees deserves credit for going beyond the typical machinations associated with a Presidential search, and recognizing the talent in their midst. Looking forward, Bo "She is a builder of men & women; and a master builder. Promote her? There is no promotion for such a woman; hers is the highest office in the gift of the children of this earth; she stands at the summit of human usefulness -- and above that is nothing but air and the vacant skies! Away with your minor gauds and titles, she is a Builder of Men & Women!" Adapted with an eye to gender-appropriateness from a speech by Mark Twain in honor of the President of Trinity College. A somewhat less prosaic perspective on being president, drawn from another context, may also be worth keeping in mind. Being president is like being a jackass in a hailstorm. There's nothing to do but to stand there and take it. Lyndon B. Johnson

Sister Mary Norberta
Former CEO St. Joseph Healthcare

Dear President Laurie,

Sincere congratulations and best wishes on your inauguration. I'm sure that Thomas College will make great strides under your leadership. I'm sorry I am out of State or I would have delivered this message in person. God bless.

Linda Ostermann Sr. Financial Analyst
Inland Hospital

Congratulations, Laurie! I had no idea but was very pleased when I received the information in the mail. I worked at CMP with Dave, Candie, and Ann while you were there. I'm also friends with your current Controller, Shannon Combar. Our house is only a few miles from Thomas and we have an extra room ready and waiting for you if the weather is ever bad and you don't want to make the drive back to Manchester. Would love to see you!

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