Faculty and Staff Honor Roll of Donors

Every member of the faculty and staff is important to the success of Thomas College. As a campus community, we work together daily to empower the dreams of our students. The following faculty and staff went a step further by contributing toward their success. By adding “Donor” to their title, they demonstrate their belief in our mission and their commitment to secure the future of Thomas College.  

Updated 6-25-13

Diane Anderson
Erin Baltes
Debra Biche
Lauren Bickford M.B.A. '13
Jen Buker
Bonnie Buckmore '13
Jamie Campbell
Nancy Charette
Shannon Combar
Donald Cragen
Jean Croce '94
Deb Cunningham
Jim Delorie
Lisa Desautels-Poliquin
Joe Donato
Cathy Dumont M.B.A. '10
Tom Edwards
Gina Fasulo
Beth Gibbs M.B.A. '93, P'12
Peter Gilbert M.S. '78
Hannah Gladstone
Robin Goodwin M.B.A. '90
Shonna Humphrey
Michelle Joler-Labbe
John Joseph, Jr.
Rebecca Kane
Jonathan Kent
Greg King
Kruger Family
Laurie Lachance M.B.A. '92
Darrin Lane
Bill Lawler
Cynthia and Douglas Lepley
James Libby
Lesley Lichko
Wendy (Estabrook) Martin '00, '03, M.S. '08
Philomena McPhee-Brown '69, M.S. '01
Dog Wallace and Ellen McQuiston P'07
Maryam Mermey
Bob Moore '79
Andres Morales
Lindsey Nelson M.B.A. '13
Terry Parlin
Jim Parsons
David Pease
Corey Pelletier  '04, M.B.A. '12
Lucy Pelsma
Dan Pomerleau
Jim Raddatz
Charles Ravis M.B.A. '02
Erin Reinhard
Christopher Rhoda '88, M.B.A. '89
Melissa Rice
David Roussel '93
Ricky Saucier
Joseph Scozzafava
Kerry Smart
Al Souza
Andrea Thebarge
Roberta Tibbetts '69, '71
Dog Wallace and Ellen McQuiston P'07
Mikaela Ziobro

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