January - The New Face of DECD: Business Friendly
Deb Neuman, Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Economic and Community Development, discusses ways that the state government is improving their services to the state's business community.

February - From Myth to Reality: What We Do and What We Don't Do
Peter Pare, director of the Maine Department of Labor Bureau of Employment Services, gives an overview of the bureau's offerings.


January - Preparing Maine, Realizing Maine: Education is Job One
Yellow Light Breen draws from his experience as the chairman for the Maine Coalition for Excellence in Education, discussing Maine's challenges and opportunities in creating educational and economic opportunities for current and future generations.

February - Tricks of the Trade: How to Successfully Participate in a Trade Show
Greg Glynn, an account executive at Nancy Marshall Communications, shares ideas and tips for making the most of a trade show experience, including how to make contacts and market products.

March - People Before Politics
Paul LePage, governor of Maine, discusses his first two months in office.

April - Intentionality: A Vital Component for Delivering Extraordinary Customer Service
Robert LaBrie, owner of Maximum Potential, shares his philosophy on taking a "fresh look" at business every day by making changes that positively affect the customer service climate.

June - Conflict Resolution: Beyond the Rock and the Hard Place
Linda Blessing, senior associate for D. Gallant Management Associates, presents six techniques for smoothing office conflicts and dealing with hostile coworkers.

September - How Social Media Has Changed (Or Should Change) Your Business
Amanda O'Brien, the vice president of marketing at Hall Internet Marketing Solutions, discusses current and future social media trends in the business world.

October - 125th Maine Legislature: Progress and Opportunity
Senate President Kevin Raye, Senate Minority Leader Barry Hobbins, Speaker of the House Bob Nutting, and House Minority Leader Emily Cain recap accomplishments and disappointments from the first half of this legislative session.

December - Samurai Service: Think Like a Black Belt for Cutting-Edge Customer Service
Jim Bouchard, author of Think Like a Black Belt, offers this program on Black-Belt Mindset, or developing core characteristics and values essential to business and personal performance.


January - Recession-Proofing Your Business
David Lee of HumanNature@Work discusses the process of building individual and organizational resilience during a recession.

February - Who's Looking at Your Data? Am I Secure? Do I Have a Plan? Do I Even Know?
Alan Cornwall, senior account manager with Systems Engineering, discusses the mitigation of security breaches and various protection measures.

March - Sustainability Action Steps for Small Business
Harrison Horning, director of energy and facility services at Hannaford Bros. Co., discusses what "sustainability" means to Hannaford.

May - Optimizing the Value of Your Business
Frank O'Shea, a tax principal and valuation specialist from Berry Dunn McNeil & Parker, discusses how a business' value is determined and how owners can implement strategies to optimize their value.

June - Managing Disruptive Behavior
Paul Bolin, director of employee relations at Eastern Maine Medical Center, discusses real life examples of conflict management and draws from audience experiences to identify fair and consistent ways to deal with disruptive employees.

September - Solar Energy or Wind Energy: Which Alternative Energy Source is Right for Your Business?
Greg Fletcher, coordinator of the Electrical Technology program at Kennebec Valley Community College, discusses the benefits and disadvantages of different energy systems, giving cost examples for each. He presents examples of typical installations, figures on system outputs, and expected payback periods for each system.

November - Making Money on the Internet
Speaker: Ross Lasley, owner of the website design and management company Internet Educator

December - Business Success Stories
A panel of local, successful business people offer their insights and secrets to success. This panel includes Phil Roy, owner of Grondin's Certified Cleaners, Mitch Sammons of Sheridan Corporation, and Mike Runser of Valley Distributors.


January - The Aging Workforce: Calamity or Opportunity?
William McPeck, director of employee health and safety for the Maine State Government, discusses the challenges and opportunities present with Maine's retiring workforce.

February - Attitudinal Excellence: Your Key to Extraordinary Customer Service
Robert LaBrie, owner of Maximum Potential, presents his theory on "attitudinal excellence" and its effect on customer service.

March - Keys to Professional Development
Michelle Neujhar of Group Dynamic, Inc. offers solutions to everyday business challenges.

April - Central Maine Business Success Stories: How Three Local Businesses Did It
A panel of local business people will offer their insights and secrets to success. The panel includes Mike Boulet, owner of Mainely Trusses, Kathy Corey, vice president of marketing at Day's Jewelers, and Bill Gallagher of Johnny's Selected Seeds.

May - Real Tax Relief is Just One Election Away
Tarren Bragdon, CEO of the Maine Heritage Policy Center, explains two tax-related ballot questions and provides her opinion regarding the Taxpayer Bill of Rights and the car excise tax.

June - Isn't It Time to Cut Energy Costs in Your Business?
Efficiency Maine presents available resources on implementing energy management practices and reducing energy costs.

September - The Missing Link: Effective Feedback and Performance Results
Ted Helberg, vice president of human resources for Myllykoski, discusses performance management systems, program designs, and their impact on organizations.

October - Maine Perspectives on Federal Health Care Reform: Opportunities, Risks, and Maine's Bottom Line
The assembled panel reacts to specific federal health care reform proposals and their impact on Maine. Panelists include Marta Maciuba, sales manager of Aetna, Alan Burton, vice president of human resources at Cianbro, Dr. Larry Catlett, medical director of Occupational Consulting LLC, and Joel Allembaugh of the National Worksite Benefit Group.

November - Turning PR and Press Kits Into Selling Tools: How to Boost News Coverage Plus Multi-Purpose Marketing Resources
Fritz Lyon of LEO Marketing Partners discusses public relations, marketing, and sales support strategies.

December - The Next Generation Workforce: Opportunities and Keys to Success
Mark Nolan, general manager at T-Mobile in Oakland, discusses opportunities and strategies involved in integrating millennial workers into the workplace.


January - What Surprises Are In Store for Us This Legislative Session?
Kristine Ossenfort with the Maine State Chamber of Commerce provides an update on issues coming before the legislature, including health care, tax reform, spending reform, and school consolidation.

February - The State of Maine's Energy Plan
John Kerry, director of the Office of Energy Independence and Security, charts the course of Maine's energy independence and security for the next 50 years.

March - Central Maine Business Success Stories
Two local business people offer their insights and secrets to success. The panel includes Bill Mitchell, vice president and CEO of BHM Insurance, and Sue Ginguere, owner of Care & Comfort.

April - Top Ten Technology Risks for Business
Speaker: Arian Eigen Heald, data security officer for Eastern Bank.

May - Top Ten Mistakes Employers Make in Hiring Employees
Speaker: Robert Klein, director of Klein Law Offices

June - Central Maine's Dynamic Labor Market: Who is Hiring, and Who is Getting Hired?
John Dorrer, director of the Center for Workforce Research and Information, provides an analysis of the labor situation in Central Maine. He answers questions about growing industries and tactics for employers to improve their position within the competitive labor market.

September - The Frontier of Marketing: Starting Local, Going Global?
Peter Rinck, president of Rinck Advertising, explores recent trends in communications and marketing and their impact on Maine's businesses.

October - The Stubborn Facts of the Maine Economy: What It Takes to Reach the National Average and Five Ways to Make it Happen
Tony Payne, executive director of the Alliance for Maine's Future, presents his views on Maine's economic and political climate.

November - Health Care and Benefits: Redefining the Approach, Getting the Incentives Right for Improving Health
Joel Allumbaugh, CEO of National Worksite Benefit Group, discusses recent legislative activity regarding health insurance and his opinion of the benefits behind the Consumer Directed Health Care plan.


January - Maine's Energy Future: A Path Forward for Business and Communities
Kurt Adams, chairman and commissioner for the Maine Public Utilities Commission, discusses electricity costs and trends in Maine, energy efficiency, and opportunities for business in the clean energy market.

February - The Brookings Report: Where Do We Go From Here?
Alan Caron, president and CEO of GrowSmart Maine, presents and discusses the Brookings Institution's report on Maine's economic growth, titled "Charting Maine's Future: An Action Plan for Promoting Sustainable Prosperity and Quality Places," released in October 2006.

March - Attracting Businesses: Can Maine Compete?
Matt Jacobson, president and CEO of Maine & Company, discusses Maine's efforts to bring companies to the state.

April - Smart Marketing for Small Business
Judy Katzel, president of Burgess Advertising, discusses print advertising as a marketing tool.

May - Work Ethics and the Multi-Generational Workforce
Carol Albert, branch manager of Manpower, discusses the history of work ethics.

June - Economic Development and Job Growth in Maine
Paul Boghossian discusses the Hathaway Creative Center in downtown Waterville.

September - Customer Service and Emotional Intelligence
John Kenneally, owner of Kenneally and Associates, discusses the role of emotional intelligence in leadership and team building.

October - Credit Crunch
Chuck Lawson, columnist for the Portland Press Herald, discusses the impact of the recent recession on Maine's economy and businesses.

November - Stop the Cash Flow Roller Coaster, I Want to Get Off!
Accountant Caroline Jordan offers strategies concerning the management of cash flow in small businesses.

December - Tone in Business
Bruce MacMillan of Macmillan Associates, Inc. discusses workplace email etiquette.


February - Energy Challenges in the Next Decade
Dr. John Joseph, Thomas College professor, presents an overview of energy challenges facing the business community and Maine economy.

March - Loss Prevention: Attack Greed and Negative Behaviors in Today's Business Operations
Jamie McDonald of DDT Surveillance shares his experience with loss prevention.

May - Advertising Ideas That Sell: A Baker's Dozen for Small Businesses and Professional Services
Al Brewer, vice president of creative and strategic services at Burgess Advertising, presents ideas for advertising over a variety of mediums, including print, radio, television, direct mail, and email.

June - Employment Traps for the Unwary
Speaker: Gregg Frame, founding member of Taylor, McCormack & Frame, LLC

September - Performance Management: It's Not a Dirty Word
Speaker: David Pease, vice president of human resources and staff development for Sebasticook Valley Hospital

November - Customer Service Stardom
Mary Anne Rasmussen of Rasmussen Consulting discusses customer service strategies.

December - The State of Maine's Economy
Speaker: Charles Cogan, economics professor for the University of Southern Maine's Muskie School of Public Service


February - Maine Chamber of Commerce
Chris Hall, executive vice president of the Maine State Chamber of Commerce, discusses the challenges and opportunities facing lawmakers as they focus on tax reform, health insurance, and Maine's business climate.

March - Strategic Corporate Giving
Janet Wyper, manager of community relations with L.L. Bean, discusses strategies for corporate charitable contributions within the community.

April - Getting Your Message Across
Sue-Ellen McClain of McClain Marketing discusses the creation of an effective marketing campaign.

May - Stepping Stones: The Paradox of Employee Retention
Ted Helberg, director of human resources for Sappi Fine Paper, discusses the retention of employees through motivational tools.

June - Creating and Maintaining an Above and Beyond Customer Service Experience
Speakers: Mary Schnobrich, vice president for retail banking at TD Banknorth; Jane Devou, senior vice president of customer service at TD Banknorth

September - Creating a Vision for Success
Jane Semba of Leadership Strategies discusses organizational leadership skills.

October - School Consolidation
Speakers: Eric Haley, Superintendent of Kennebec Valley Consolidates Schools; Keith Cook, Waterville psychologist; Ken Gagnon, Maine State Senator

November - Small Business and Maine's Economy
Speaker: John E. Baldacci, 73rd Governor of Maine (2003-2011)


January - The Maine Economy: Going, Going...
John Mahon, the John M. Murphy Chair of International Business Policy and Strategy at the University of Maine, discusses Maine's current economic situation.

February - Branding Your Small Business to Stay Ahead of the Competition
Speaker: Dick Dyer, owner of Dyer Associates, a public relations and management consulting firm

March - Maine Community Foundation
Speaker: Henry Schmelzer, president and CEO of the Maine Community Foundation

September - Customer Service Through One-On-One Marketing
Speaker: Ramona Freeman, training and development manager, Hammond Lumber Company


January - Tax Changes for Your Small Business
Speakers: Mary Hatch, Peter Gilbert, and Tom Largay, professors of accounting at Thomas College.

February - Legislative Issues Affecting Small Business
Peter Gore of the Maine Chamber of Commerce discusses recent and proposed legislation changes that may affect Maine's small businesses.

March - Telecom Survival Skills
Speaker: Curt Sweet, president of NetWorks Consulting

April - Selecting the Best
Ted Helburg, director of human resources for Sappi Fine Paper, discusses methods of choosing the best job applicants.

June - Crystal Clear Goals to Insure Customer Service
Rick Grayson, director of customer service for Sappi Fine Paper, provides tips for proper customer service.

September - 9/11: The Road Ahead for Business Continuity and Vulnerability
Bill Libby, deputy commissioner for the Maine Department of Defense, discusses safety and emergency protocols for the workplace.

October - The Maine Gambling Dispute and Tax Reform Referendums
Speakers: David Flanagan, former president and CEO of CNP Group, Inc.; John Doyle, former deputy attorney general for the Maine State Government ; Laurie Lachance, president and CEO of the Maine Development Foundation; Edward Gagnon, the city manager of Windsor

November - Legal Pitfalls Affecting Small Business
Speakers: Waterville attorneys Bill Lee and Michael Phillips

December - Tips for Marketing Your Small Business
Nancy Marshall, president of Nancy Marshall Communications, discusses marketing tips for small businesses.


April - Overtaxed: Overhaul or Tune-Up?
Laurie LaChance, president and CEO of the Maine Development Foundation, discusses Maine tax reform.

June - Domestic Violence: The Hidden Costs to Business and What You Can Do to Reduce Them
Speakers: Scott Bullock, president and CEO of Maine General Health; Sharon Brittingham coordinator of the Peace in Our Communities Task Force,discuss the workplace impact of domestic violence.

July - Economic Developers Panel
Panelists discuss economic growth and development in Waterville. The panel includes Jim Batey of Somerset Economic Development Corp; John Butera of the Central Kennebec Valley Growth Council; Ken Young of the Kennebec Valley Council of Governments; Paul Levesque of the Kennebec Regional Development Authority; and Jeff Zimmerman of Waterville Maine Street.

September - The Future of Maine
Speaker: Angus King, Governor of Maine (1995-2003)

November - Integrated Tactical Spectrum: Marketing Your Small Business
Brenda Garrand, founder and CEO of Garrand, an advertising agency in Portland, discusses techniques for marketing on a limited budget.

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