Why Switch to Windows 8 Pro from Windows 8?

Here are a few of the programs / features that Windows 8 Pro has that are not available for Windows 8.

  • Microsoft Configuration Manager - Requires Windows 8 Pro to install/use. Thomas College uses this software to update standard applications as security updates for software applications become available. Without this software, you will need to install every security patch as they come out, manually. Also, if your machine is lost or stolen, IT Services will be able to provide unique information regarding your hardware to authorities to aid in the recovery of your device.
  • Business Networking Features - Windows 8 Pro offers all of the features found in Windows 8 Enterprise, including encryption, PC Management, and virtualization features not found in Windows 8.
  • Multimedia Features - Windows 8 Pro gives you the option to purchase a "media pack" add-on (Windows Media Center) and some advanced Media Player network features. (This addon is not available for Windows 8.)
  • Upgrade Path - Current Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate users will not be able to upgrade directly to Windows 8 (a clean install would be required); however, these users can update directly to Windows 8 Pro.
  • BitLocker Security - Encrypts data and helps you protect data on your PC and portable storage devices against loss or theft.
  • Incoming Remote Desktop Connections - Remote Desktop Connection allows you to be able to connect remotely to another computer (e.g. T8 or T18). Incoming remote desktop connections allow you to connect to and use your computer from another computer, as if it is right in front of you. Windows 8 does not allow you to connect to your computer remotely, but it CAN connect to another computer. Incoming remote desktop connection capability also allows for remote assistance, which allows which allows a help desk or system administrator to remotely connect to your computer for troubleshooting purposes.

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