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Jennifer Buker
Director of Public Relations
Thomas College

The role of Public Relations at Thomas College is intended to collect, research, and distribute news content to promote the significant achievements of Thomas’s faculty, staff, and students.  The office works with local, regional, and national media to tell the College’s stories and connect journalists with faculty experts in order to respond to media inquiries.

Public Relations also creates and publishes the Thomas Magazine, Annual Report, as well as Terrier Tracks - an online monthly e-newsletter that reaches more than 6,000 readers in the Thomas Community.  

We need YOUR stories… contact us with your exciting news or events anytime.  We are always gathering stories for future publications and current press releases.  

Some ideas of what we are looking for would be: major awards and publications, accomplishments for students, faculty or staff; noteworthy accomplishments for students, faculty or staff; collaborations between students and faculty; campus events and speakers whose presentations are open to the public and internally.  

Of particular interest is any news that will engage the general reader in the actions of Thomas College, to reinforce its identity as a regional leader in business and liberal arts education, as well as any story about an alumnus or current student that demonstrates the power of a Thomas education.

Thank you for your story ideas!

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