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Computer Science/M.B.A. 

If being innovative with Technology is something that excites you, then the Computer Science program might be just what you are looking for!  Computer Science careers are where innovation and developing technology drive the future.

During your time at Thomas you will be exposed to courses in database and systems development, robotics, game design, Java, C++, emerging technologies, and more.   You will learn how to pay attention to the customer's needs, plan (and plan and plan) before ever starting to put things together, and get things right the first time.  

Once you understand the process, you will have the opportunity to work with real clients!  By creating a database or a web site, setting up a network, writing programs, or even solving security problems, you will gain experience and learn what it's like to work with customers.

At Thomas you have the opportunity to enter into a five year program to complete your Bachelor's of Science degree and Master's of Business Administration. You will be introduced to concepts, strategies, and leadership in business to advance your managerial skills and study current best practices in executive positions. A Master of Business Administration degree will provide you the necessary background for both business and administrative positions. This degree plan allows you to integrate Master level courses that will train you for management and leadership roles while participating in the fundamental courses of business.

Thomas College's mission is to prepare students for success in their personal and professional lives, and for leadership and service in their communities

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