Accelerated Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

Have you ever? 
  • Discussed world economics with students from across the globe?

  • Explored leadership techniques with successful entrepreneurs?

  • Researched policy formation with state policy-makers?

At Thomas, we realize that a business education is more than classroom theory and lectures - a full MBA experience is also about developing communication and leadership skills, building confidence, and developing a network of contacts who will aid you as you advance through your career. The Thomas MBA course curriculum is just the beginning of a diverse set learning experiences that fit together to create a rounded program.  Outside the classroom, the Thomas College Accelerated MBA students also enjoy:  

  • Technology skills workshops
  • Monthly networking events
  • Exclusive lectures by distinguished business leaders
  • Admission to local professional development sessions
  • Monthly career service workshops and events
  • One-on-one career service meetings

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate mastery of business theories, models, and tools, and apply knowledge in new and
    unfamiliar circumstances in order to solve concrete business and managerial problems.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to adapt and innovate in unpredictable business environments, systematically
    analyze uncertain situations, apply decision making theories, and adapt and innovate in the face of
    unforeseen events.
  3. Develop management and leadership skills adaptable for leadership in diverse business cultures
  4. Identify and analyze business problems from a global perspective.
  5. Apply legal and ethical responsibilities toward business scenarios and management decisions
  6. Demonstrate competency in utilizing information technologies and adapt technology to business
    scenarios and leadership decisions.
  7. Demonstrate the capacity to communicate with divers groups and adapt communication styles to
    unfamiliar circumstances and unpredictable business situations

Thomas College has been educating business leaders for more than 100 years. Offering world-class learning opportunities with a focus on individual goals, the Thomas MBA is designed for business practitioners seeking advanced training. The accelerated MBA is designed for students from all academic and experiential backgrounds who seek advanced understanding of business practices. Classes begin in August or January. Begin in August and complete the program in May. Begin in January and complete the program in December. This is an intensive, experiential program with heavy application of classroom theory to real-world practice.

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