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Student Senate Constitution


The name of this organization shall be the Thomas College Student Senate.


The Thomas College Student Senate shall:

  1. Represent the students in the formulation and execution of policies concerning the general welfare of the students of Thomas College.
  2. It shall also serve to keep the faculty and administration informed of student opinion and reactions concerning the needs of the students.
  3.  It shall have final authority over all budgets and monies to be allocated to various committees and student groups that will petition it.
  4. Provide a diverse program of social, cultural, educational and recreational activities to the Thomas College community.


 The Student Senate will consist of the President, Vice-President, and Treasurer elected at large from the student body and a Secretary appointed by the President with the approval of the Student Senate.  Officers must be Senate members for at least one year.  The Student Senate will also be made up of two freshmen, two sophomores, two juniors, two seniors, and one commuter representative that are elected at large by the representing student class body.


Section I: The President

  1. The President shall be the vested head of the Thomas College Student Senate.
  2. He or she shall deliver all resolutions and expressions of opinion of the Student Senate to the college administration, the faculty, and the general student body.
  3. He or she shall call special meetings of the general student body for advice and to refer issues to a vote at this special meeting.
  4. He or she has the right to run again for re-election following a majority vote of the Senate.
  5. He or she cannot hold another office in campus organizations funded by the Senate.
  6. He or she must be a student attending classes at Thomas College who has paid the student activity fee.
  7. He or she cannot be on terminal probation at the time he/she is elected or during his/her term at any time.
  8. He or she shall appoint a Secretary, with advice of advisor, upon the approval of the Student Senate members.

 Section II:  The Vice President

  1. The Vice President shall perform the duties of the President in the event of the President's absence.
  2. He or she shall not assume the office of the President unless the President feels he/she is unable to continue in office or if the President is removed from office.  If someone is eligible for the position, decision will be subject to vote with majority rule.
  3. If Vice President takes over as President, he/she must meet the requirements stated under Section I.
  4. The Vice President shall have the duty to communicate with organizations funded by the Student Senate.

 Section III: The Secretary

  1. He or she shall record all proceedings of the Thomas College Student Senate meetings and general student body meetings which may be called.
  2. He or she shall keep permanent records and is responsible for the current files and official correspondence.
  3. He or she is responsible to publish the minutes of each Student Senate meeting.  A copy must be distributed to each Senate member and additional copies will be made available to the student body in the library.
  4. His or her records shall be available to anyone who wishes to see them providing that their activity fee has been paid.
  5. He or she does not have the power to vote.

 Section IV:  The Treasurer

  1. The Treasurer is responsible for all financial transactions of the Student Senate.
  2. He or she shall keep full and accurate records of all financial transactions of the Student Senate.
  3. He or she shall exhibit any such records upon request to any member of the college community who has paid a student activity fee.
  4. All checks must be signed by any two of the three elected Senate officers.
  5. A Treasurer's report will be required at each Senate meeting.
  6. He or she shall be next in line for Presidency if the Vice President refuses the position.
  7. Treasurer will be elected with advice of advisor

 Section V:  Impeachment

  1. The President of the Student Senate may be removed from office by a vote of two-thirds of the Student Senate.  If these figures are not reached,  the President will not be forced to step down from office.  Once an officer is removed from office, whether by impeachment or otherwise, he or she must wait until the start of the next academic year before seeking another Student Senate office.  Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and other members of the Student Senate may be removed from office by the same procedure.
  2. Any officer who is impeached, resigns, or for any other reason cannot fulfill their term, will have their position filled by a present member of the Student Senate.  Nominations will be taken with a secret ballot to follow by the Senate.
  3. Any Senate class representative unable to fulfill his or her term as stated above will be replaced by an election in their respective class.
  4. If there are no nominations, then the Senate shall vote on a new representative by majority vote.

 Section VI:  Resignation

 Attendance is required for all meetings.  One unexcused missed meeting will warrant a written warning, two or more unexcused missed meetings requires a Student Senate discussion for impeachment.  However, students may be excused from Senate meetings with approval from the President prior to the meeting.


Section I:

Voting procedures are as follows:  Each member of the Student Senate, with the exception of the Secretary, shall have one vote.  All Senate members have the discretion to call for a secret ballot on any motion made from the floor of the Student Senate.  On all voting decisions, majority rules.

Section II:

The President or Vice President of the Student Senate shall preside at all meetings.  If neither is in attendance, then the Treasurer shall preside.

Section III:

There shall be at least one regular meeting per week, and as many special meetings as the President feels necessary.  A special meeting of the Student Senate may be called by the President upon request of the members of the student body or the Student Senate.

Section IV:

No official business may be transacted nor brought to an official decision unless a quorum is present.  A quorum is defined as more than fifty percent of the total voting membership of the Student Senate.

Section V:

If a majority of the President, Vice President, and the Treasurer agree, then emergency legislation may be passed in the event that a quorum cannot be assembled.  However, the officers must at the next Student Senate meeting explain their actions and take full responsibility for them.


The following organizations shall receive:

 Campus Activity Board (CAB):  50% of the students' activity fees

 Student Senate:  50% of the students' activity fees

All other organizations must submit their budget request by September 15 for the Fall semester and by December 7 for the Spring semester.  Budget requests will be heard throughout the year.  Any misappropriation of funds by any organization will result in the officers in that organization being held responsible for reimbursement to the Senate.

Section I:  Guidelines For Budgeting

  1. Notices will be placed on appropriate bulletin boards requesting organizations to submit their requests for funds.
  2. Letters may be sent to organizations who have received funds in the past to submit their request.
  3. Consider the interest and/or need for the group's activity
  4. Consider previous year's budget allocations.
  5. Consider the rate of the present activity fee to that of past activity fees.
  6. Consider the percentage of money allocated to the two prebudgeted organizations compared to the remaining organizations.
  7. Consider the amount allocated for first semester.  Don't over -budget and leave limited funds for second semester.
  8. Consider requesting a definite date so that all activities are completed by the established date or the funds returned to Senate.
  9. Consider establishing a set of activities that the Senate won't pay for, i.e. meals, alcohol-related events, more than two speakers a semester, etc.
  10. At the public Senate meeting, input from the students and other interested parties will be solicited.
  11. The Senate will then conduct a work meeting where the budget will be formulated.
  12. At the next public Senate meeting the budget will be finalized.

Section II:  Budgeted Allocations

  1. When requesting a check from Senate, a 72 hour notice is preferred prior to the activity.
  2. A list of group members is requested by the Senate including the members’ box numbers and users' names.
  3.  A monthly update from each organization is requested by the Senate to be submitted to the Vice President.


Section I:  Academic Affairs Committee

At the first meeting of the newly elected Student Senate, one junior and one senior shall be appointed for the academic year to the committee.

Section II:  Judicial System

Judicial Review Board procedure accepted as written.

Section III:  Alumni Association Committee

The Senate will elect one member from the Senate to be on the committee.


Section I:

The Student Senate reserves the right to appoint an Election Committee.

Section II:

Election of the Student Senate Officers shall be held between March 1 and March 15.

The week following the election of the officers, other members of the Student Senate shall be elected.  The Student Senators shall be elected  by the student body by secret ballots after the candidates have presented to the Student Senate President a petition of 25 signatures endorsing him/her as a candidate.  The petition shall be validated by the present Student Senate President for authenticity of the 25 names.  The new officers, once elected, shall be required to attend Student Senate meetings for the rest of the academic year.


The advisor to the Student Senate shall be chosen by the Student Senate with consultation with the Dean of Students.


This Constitution is amendable at any time following these rules:

Once the proposed amendment is brought to the Student Senate, a one-week waiting period is required before the proposed amendment is voted on.  In order to be part of the Student Senate Constitution, a 2/3 majority vote, provided the quorum is present, is necessary and ratified by the student body.  Once the amendment is passed, it will become effective one week after the approving date.  This Constitution shall be effective as soon as it is ratified by the student body.  The Student Senate ratified the Constitution on September 17, 1995 by a unanimous vote.  This Constitution was voted on and approved by the majority of the Student Body on October 2 and 3, 1995.

(Fall 1995)

Previously in the Constitution:

VI.  BUDGETS  (introduction)

 The following organizations will receive two-thirds of their spring semester's budget for the upcoming fall semester in order to preplan and book activities:

                                Dance Band

                                Special Events

                                Variety Committee

As amended:

VI.  BUDGETS (introduction)

                The following organizations will receive:

                                Campus Activity Board (CAB):  50% of students' activity fees

                                Student Senate:  50% of students' activity fees


Previously in the Constitution:

VI.  BUDGETS  Section III:  Budgeted Events

 The Student Senate, together with the Dance Band Committee of SPIRIT, will sponsor two semi-formal dances at which admission will be charged of $2.00 per person and $3.00 per couple.  The first semester semi-formal will be organized by the junior class.  Second semester semi-formal will be organized by the Greeks.  The stipulation and regulations for organizing the semi-formals will be determined by the Student Senate during September each year.  No other dances shall require additional charges without authorization from the Student Senate.

As amended:

This section of the Constitution shall be omitted.

These amendments were ratified by the Thomas College Student Body on October 2 and 3, 1995.

These amendments were approved by the Thomas College Student Senate on September 17, 1995 by a unanimous vote.

(Spring 2005)

The Greene Amendment

 The Student Senate shall conduct a biennial survey of the student body (residents only, commuters only, or both), in order to generate feedback regarding several important aspects of student life, and to determine an accurate level of student satisfaction.  The results of this survey will be reported directly to the Dean of Students in a professional format.  The survey will serve as a method for the Senate to accurately represent the student body.

This amendment was ratified by the Thomas College Student Body in April 2005 with a vote of 100 students in favor and 2 students opposed.

This amendment was approved by the Thomas College Student Senate on April 24, 2005 by a unanimous vote.

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