Lync - Conference Management

How can I invite someone to join a Lync conference already in progress?

  1. In the Conversation window, click the "Invite" dropdown (on the top-right corner) and click "Invite by Name or Phone Number..."
  2. From the "Invite by Name or Phone Number" window, click the name of the contact that you want to add to the conversation, and then click OK. (OR... You can use the Search box, type the person's display name or sign-in name, and then press the ENTER key. Using the results list, click on the person's name, and then click OK)
  3. NOTE: By default, any chat participant can add other participants to the chat. As the chat leader, you can change this behavior by choosing "Lock this Conversation" from the Invite menu of the conversation
  4. NOTE: When there are many participants, it can take time for everyone to be added to the conversation, because each person on the list must accept, decline, or ignore the invitation before the next invitation can be delivered. After a short period of time, if someone has not responded, the invitation will be automatically accepted
    Lync Invite Participant

How can I remove someone from a Lync conference?
Conference leaders can add, remove, and mute other conference participants.

  1. From the Conversation window, right-click the participant that you want to remove
  2. Click "Remove"

How can I archive a Lync chat session for review/posting/etc.?
Lync can create a special folder in Outlook called Conversation History to track and log information about your conversations. The folder appears in the Outlook folder list, along with other folders such as Inbox, Outbox, and Sent Items, and can contain a record of instant messaging sessions, etc, depending on your settings.

  1. Click on the drop-down in the top-right corner icon
  2. Select "Tools" and click "Options"
  3. On the Personal tab, under Personal Information Manager, select "Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Outlook" from the drop-down list
  4. Check the checkbox for "Save my instant message conversations in my email Conversation History folder"
  5. Once conversation saving has been enabled, you can view the conversation history folder by opening Outlook and using the navigation pane to browse to All Mail Folders, Mailbox, and click Conversation History
  6. Find the conversation you would like to work with. From here, you can email to others, copy and paste into a Word document, and/or post to Moodle, etc.

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