Manage Contacts using Lync

How do I add a contact to my Lync client?

  1. With Lync open, click in the "Find a contact" textbox and type the name of the user you wish to add
  2. Once you have the user you wish to add, right click the contact, select "Add to Contact List", and click on the contact group you wish to add the contact to
  3. You can now send a message to this contact if they are available
    Lync Add Contact

How can I group multiple contacts into a class list using Lync?

  1. With Lync open, right click in the contact list (but not a specific contact) and click "Create New Group"
  2. Name the group in the space provided
  3. Add one or more student contacts to the group by selecting the existing contacts and dragging them to the new group. (You can select multiple contacts by using the ctrl and/or select keys while making your selection)
  4. After creating a group, you can perform functions that you normally can do on a per contact basis, on the entire group of contacts, like sending an IM or initiating a conference (which would invite all group / class members to the same session at the same time)
    Lync Create Group 2

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