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Thomas College is committed to the success of its students from admittance to job placement. The EDGE program represents one of these commitments.

Beginning with a free one-week intensive program, including a college-level course, student development activities and college management workshops, the EDGE program is designed to assist students in building success in college.

The intensive program is followed by individualized academic coaching throughout the fall semester.

Enrollment is limited. 

Early application is encouraged for priority placement.

Anticipated schedule

The EDGE application

2014 Courses offered:

MS120 Foundations of Quantitative Analysis: Mathematics, Research, and Applications - 3 credits


Jessica Norton
Foundations of Quantitative Analysis is offered by Professor Jessica Norton.  This project based course asks students to review fractions, percentages, decimals, word problems, linear functions (creating, graphing, and interpreting) and other mathematical concepts typically encountered in everyday life. Students will also apply basic concepts of algebra in the context of spreadsheet modeling. Most problems will require students to obtain real data from Internet sources and to use that data to address real applied problems. Students will use Excel as the primary vehicle of analysis with students verifying some elements of their solutions using hand calculations and others using alternative spreadsheet models. Students will be expected to create and deliver presentations of their work using PowerPoint.

PH201 Philosophy - 3 credits


Dr. Joseph Scozzafava
Philosophy is offered by Dr. Joseph Scozzafava. This course includes review and analysis of principle ideas in western philosophy and the impact of those ideas on contemporary thinking in the study of nature and human nature, political and social theory, art, theory of knowledge, philosophy of religion, and moral philosophy. Students are introduced to critical and analytical methods in order to distinguish between what a person thinks and how a person thinks.

SC296 Introduction to S.T.E.A.M. Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics - 3 credits


Dr. Richard Biffle

Introduction to S.T.E.A.M. is offered by Dr. Richard Biffle. The purpose of this course is to provide students the opportunity to engage in a dialogue and conduct research in the area of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) that leads to enhanced understanding of the processes that underlie how individuals become lifelong STEAM learners, STEAM practitioners, and STEAM researchers as well as the structures and mechanisms that lead to achieving these outcomes. The course fits in the discipline of SCIENCE and contributes to the continued efforts in the science community to engage and create opportunities for inter-disciplinary study for student work and research. 

EDGE participants receive:
  • One free course to jump start their successful record at Thomas College

  • Student development opportunities designed specifically for EDGE students

  • Priority early move-in (for residential students)

  • Option of on-campus housing for commuter students.

  • Book voucher to cover cost of up to $250 for fall books upon successful completion of the program
    (redeemed at Thomas College bookstore only)

  • Second book voucher to cover cost of up to $250 for spring books after completion of fall semester
    (redeemed at Thomas College bookstore only)

  • Individualized academic coaching during fall semester

Expectations of Participants
  • Participate actively in ALL EDGE events, including classes, workshops, activities, and group and individual meetings

  • Adhere to Thomas College campus policies during EDGE events, including the week-long intensive

  • Complete successfully the course offered during the week-long intensive

  • Participate in new student orientation activities during the three days following the week-long intensive

  • Meet on a regular basis for academic coaching during the fall semester

  • Participate in at least three Connections Program events during the fall semester

What do students have to say?

"I would definitely talk to incoming first year students about applying for EDGE."

"I thought it helped me get prepared for college life."

"It is a great way to make friends and get used to the campus."

"I really enjoyed the program and I learned a lot. I think the EDGE program was very helpful."

"Challenging but worth it."

"Loved EDGE!"

"Very great experience! Glad I took this opportunity!"

"There was a lot to do, but I feel like I accomplished something."

For more information about the EDGE program, please contact:

Amanda Favreau - EDGE Coordinator
Thomas College 180 West River Road Waterville, ME 04901

The EDGE is made possible through the generosity of the Council of Independent Colleges and Wal-Mart College Success Awards.

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