Alumni Career Network

  • Do you enjoy talking about your career with others?
  • Are your networking skills and contacts regularly used to help colleagues?
  • Would you like an opportunity to bring other bright, capable people into your career field?
  • Do you remember what it was like to go on those first few job interviews?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have a great opportunity for you to help us deliver a vital service! Join the Thomas Alumni Career Network. It's easy and it's fun.

What assistance you provide is up to you. It might be a five-minute phone conversation answering questions, lunch to discuss your career path, contact names or even arranging for an interview opportunity. If you are interested in participating in our Alumni Career Network, email Career Services at

Thank you for your willingness to help our students!

Did you know?

85% of alumni live in Maine
with the other 15% representing
every other state and 14 countries.


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