Board of Trustees

Board Co-Chairs
Conrad L. Ayotte '77, H'98
Todd D. Smith '92, MBA '99

First Vice-Chair
Douglas L. Cutchin H'09

Second Vice-Chair
H. Allen Ryan H '08

Secretary/Clerk of the Corporation
Kenneth P. Viens

Laurie G. Lachance MBA '92

Clifford C. Abbott, Jr
Brian M. Bernatchez '88
William M. Dubay '72
Marc E. Gendron '77
Wayne A. Norton
Janet M. Parkhurst '71
Gregory R. Piper
Dorcas B. Riley
Susan S. Roche
William J. Ryan, Jr.
Paul J. Schupf H '05
Howard E. Sevey
Kelley B. Shimansky '89
Richard F. Spellman MS '80

Trustees Emeriti
Susan B. Lavenson H'94
James Hennigar H'03
Edwin P. Carboni

Thomas College's mission is to prepare students for success in their personal and professional lives, and for leadership and service in their communities

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