Arts and Sciences Faculty

Dr. Wallace Alexander Professor of Education
Camile Atkinson
Professor of English Adjunct Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Steven Ball
Adjunct Instructor of Social Science
Dr. Richard Biffle
Professor of Education 
Reanna Burns
Adjunct Instructor of Social Science
Judith Hansen-Childers
Associate Professor of Humanities
Debbie Cunningham
Adjunct Professor of English
Dr. Dale Dickson
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Steven Dyer
Instructor of Criminal Justice
Dr.Thomas Easton
Adjunct Professor of Science 
Amanda Favreau
Adjunct Instructor of Social Science
Muriel Fish
Adjunct Instructor of English
Steve Giorgetti Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Dr. Johnathan Grady
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Kerry Hoey
Adjunct Instructor of English
Heidi Holst
Adjunct Instructor of English
Dr. Tracey Horton Assistant Professor of Forensic Psychology and Criminal Justice
Kimberly Kennedy Adjunct Instructor of Computer Science
Gayla LaBreck
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Education
Susan Lamoreau Assistant Professor of Psychology Dual Enrollment
Dr.Douglas Lepley Professor of English
Cynthia Lepley Associate Professor of Psychology
Dr.Judith Lucarelli Adjunct Assistant Professor of Education
Dr.John Majewski Associate Professor of Political Science
Dr.Mark Marsolais Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Joseph Massey Adjunct Instructor of Criminal Justice
W. Lorne McMillan
Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics
Dr.Philomena McPhee-Brown
Professor of Education
Ellen McQuiston
Associate Professor of English 
Dr.Kelly Mechling
Professor of English
Dr.J.Maryam Mermey
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Arts 
Dr.Andres Morales Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Dr.Joseph Scozzafava
Associate Professor of Science
Anne Marie Simone
Adjunct Instructor of Social Science
Jo Southard
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Comm. & History
Joshua Sullivan
Adjunct Instructor of English
Bonnie Swartz
Adjunct Instruct of Psychology
Andrea Thebarge
Adjunct Lecturer of Mathematics
Dr. Anne-Marie Thibodeau
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Dr.Pamela Thompson
Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education
Mark Dog Wallace
Associate Professor of English
Earl Watts
Adjunct Lecturer of History
Ryan Wheaton Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Dr. Richard Wilkins
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Dr.Dana Wohl
Assistant Professor of Psychology

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