Networking: the key to success

Networking is the process of making connections; of building and maintaining relationships. You are probably already networking without being aware of it; by joining groups, playing sports, or just getting to know new people.

Networking is a critical aspect of an effective job search. You do not want to keep your job search a secret. Bill Stone, owner of career planning firm Promising Futures, has a great answer to the question, "with whom should I network?" Stone points out, "if they have a pulse, network with them."

Networking opportunities are available both on and off campus and include: Mid-Maine Chamber Business Breakfasts and events; Alumni Network events; Kennebec Valley Entrepreneurial Network events; any Thomas College club or organization; sports teams; intramurals; getting to know your professors and classmates; volunteering with a community group; joining a professional organization related to your major; participating in community events; online social and professional networks; participating in an internship; and more.

The key to successful networking is to be able to tap into sources of job leads, recommendations; and advice from those with different or more experience than you have. But don't forget, these relationships shouldn't be just about your needs; you should plan on "giving back" as well.

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Remember to visit the Career Services Events and Workshops page for information on upcoming events including networking opportunities & networking workshops offered by Career Services.


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