First year: explore your options; self-assessment

  • Visit Career person and online
  • Stop by the office to browse through magazines and books
  • Read through the "students" section of the career website
  • Attend Career Services' programs
  • Find the right balance between academics and social life.
  • Get off to a great start because your job prospects or graduate school plans will flourish the better your GPA is  
  • Don't hesitate to seek help if you are feeling overwhelmed, dazed, or confused  
  • Learn about yourself - your skills, interests, values, and personality as it relates to your career direction

Start by consulting with Career Services

>Take assessment tests, such as FOCUS 2 or the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

>Explore O-Net Online and FOCUS 2, sites where you can learn about any occupation and  what skills and training are needed

Learn from others. Talk with people; broaden your perspective

>Talk with professors and staff about academic and career direction

>Take full advantage of the Student Success Center and the student mentors

>Talk with mentors and older students about what activities they participated in and steps they took to develop skills and experience

More steps you can take to build a successful future

>Be active and engaged in your college community; join an organization on campus

>Attend the Thomas College career fair, held during the spring semester

>Start documenting your professional portfolio of experience and accomplishments

>Consult with Career Services about your resume to learn about appropriate format and content

>Compile an unabridged "pre-resume" worksheet. Make a list of your job experiences and note everything you can remember about each job, especially your accomplishments and achievements

>Learn how to establish and add artifacts to an ePortfolio

>Look for summer employment in a field you have some interest in


Thomas College Career Services

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