Four-Year Career Development Plan

Many students don't think about their career until junior or senior year, but we ask you to consider several specific career planning steps you can take each year, starting in your first year of college.

Why start in the first year?

Think about this question: "What kind of job do you want when you graduate?"

Every single one of you at Thomas can land a great job after graduation, but you have to work at it, starting NOW. It is important to work on career planning and development throughout your four years at Thomas, and this four-year plan can help pave the way.

Career Development Plan by Year

First year: explore your options; self-assessment

Sophomore year: focus your interests; put your plan in motion

Junior year: gain career experience; build your professional network

Senior year: final preparations; make the transition from bookpacks to briefcases

Career Passport Program: Keep track of your career development progress


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