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Would you like to have a say in your Food Service Program?  Speak with your Food Service Manager in any of the locations about your comments or concerns. In addition, you can be involved in the decision making process about new meal programs and ways to improve your food service program. We value your input! Comment Cards are a quick and simple way to to make suggestions and to get your question answered.

Members of the Food Service Management Team are always available during meals to help you. Get to know your Dining Room Managers, and feel free to share your comments, suggestions or questions. We appreciate your feedback, and want to be a part of making your dining service what you want it to be! Feel free to stop in and see us, call or email us.

  • Jody Pelotte - General Manager
  • Sterling Hartin - Production Manager
  • Tammy Loder - Supervisor
  • Bartlett Davenport - Assistant Chef
  • Heidi Butler- Deli
  • Jeramy Loder - International Cook
  • Steve Loder - Breakfast/grill Cook
  • Janet Wilkie - Pastry Chef

Want to speak with us? We can be reached at 207-859-1444.

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