Graduate Tuition, Fees, and Payment


  • 2013-2014 Part-time graduate tuition rate: $1,220.00 per three credit course
  • 2014-2015 Part-time graduate tuition rate: $1,275.00 per three credit course
  • Until July 1, 2014 Thomas College Institute tuition rate: $1,420.00 per three credit course
  • After July 1, 2014 Thomas College Institute tuition rate: $1,475.00 per three credit course
  • 2013-2014 Full-time and Accelerated MBA tuition rate (10 months: tuition, fees, room and board): $34,010 per year

A part-time graduate students is defined as a student taking nine (9) or fewer credits.  Graduate students who register for more than nine (9) hours are subject to the full-time student tuition .

Application Fee

All students pay an application fee when matriculating into a degree program. The fee covers the administrative costs associated with admitting the student, analyzing prior course work, and establishing the student's official records. Application fee: $40.00.

Graduation Fee

A graduation fee is charged to all degree candidates during the trimester prior to their intended graduation date. The fee is payable in 30 days whether or not the student participates in the graduation ceremony.


All parking on Thomas College property is by permit only. Annual parking permits are available in the Graduate School office for $5.00. Students with outstanding tickets may not be permitted to register for classes.


Course textbooks are available by clicking HERE and selecting the appropriate course. Registered students can also access textbook information through myThomas.

Methods of Payment

The College accepts any of the following forms of payment:

Cash: Cash payments will be accepted in person at the Student Financial Services Office during regular business hours.

Checks: Personal checks, money orders, certified checks, cashier's checks or traveler's checks made payable to Thomas College will be accepted. The College will not accept third-party checks or checks that have been altered in any way. All checks are deposited on the day that they are received.

Credit Cards: MasterCard, VISA, Discover, or American Express are accepted if the card's number, expiration date, cardholder's printed name, and signature are included on the registration form. On-line payment may be made using credit cards at

Students who fail to meet their financial obligations will pay all expenses of collection, including attorney’s fees and court costs. In addition, Thomas College may disclose said failure, along with other relevant information, to credit reporting agencies.

Special Billings

Payment Plan: A two-payment plan is available by making arrangements through the Student Financial Services Office. Finance charges will be applied to past due balances.

Company Billings: Many area employers provide tuition assistance for eligible employees. Thomas College students may arrange to have their tuition billed directly to their employer if the employer has established a payment arrangement with the College. Students should contact their employer for additional information on this payment option. In all cases, students are ultimately held responsible for the payment of their student accounts.


Thomas College welcomes veterans and provides certification services to enable them to receive their veterans' benefits. The Registrar should be contacted for specific information regarding veterans' benefits.

Refund Policy

Students who intend to withdraw from a course must give written notification to the Graduate School Office. Non-attendance of classes or notification to the instructor does not constitute official withdrawal. Students may drop classes with no financial penalty during the add/drop period. After the add/drop period, students are responsible for any and all charges.

Students receiving federal financial aid are subject to a different refund policy. Refunds will be made as of the effective date of withdrawal acknowledged by the Graduate School Office. Please contact the Student Financial Services Office for additional information.

Financial Aid

Thomas College offers financial assistance to students who have a demonstrated financial need. In all cases, an award supplements, but does not replace, the funds available to students from their own and their family's resources. Graduate students are considered for Federal Stafford Loans only.

Who is eligible: Students must apply for and be accepted into a degree program and must be enrolled at least half-time. For graduate students, this means enrolled in at least 3 credits per trimester. Other eligibility requirements as described in the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must also be met.

For graduate students who are completing their first three courses in order to be accepted into a degree program, all graduate application materials must be complete prior to receiving aid.

How and When to Apply: Students applying for any type of financial aid, including the Federal Stafford, must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This application form may be obtained from the Thomas College Student Financial Services Office.

Students should make every effort to complete and mail the FAFSA as soon as possible, listing Thomas College on the FAFSA to receive the results (code number 002052). The application will be calculated by a federal processor and the results sent to the College. Once the results are received by the College, the student will be sent an acknowledgement form with a request for additional information such as copies of recent tax returns.

After the student's file is complete, he/she will be issued a financial aid award. Please note that this process can take up to four weeks to complete. In order to have everything processed in time for the first class, students must file early. Aid will be processed at any time up to one month prior to the end of classes. Please note, however, that late applicants may have to pay for courses with their own funds up front and later be reimbursed by financial aid received.

Questions about payment may be directed to Student Financial Services. or 207-859-1105

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