Frequently Asked Questions

To prospective internship mentors for our Thomas students, thank you for your interest in our internship program. The following will answer many of your questions, but for those unanswered questions, please contact us.

I'm interested in hiring an intern. How do I start the process?

Employers can begin the process of hiring an intern by contacting Career Services. Please be prepared to email us with details about the work assignment, including a written job description that can be made available for students (to ) In the job posting, please include details such as start and end date, number of hours, pay range, and work location.

Career Services

What kind of paperwork do I need to be aware of?

The process is simple and requires very little paperwork. Employers typically only need to have a written job description to begin. We post all internship openings on the Career Services online job board, and students apply directly to the employer. Once a student is selected for the internship, there is a learning contract that is developed by, and for, the student so that he or she understands the employer's expectations. The completed learning contract is provided to the employer for approval. When the internship is completed, the employer completes an evaluation form, rating the student intern on several performance criteria.

What's the process for selecting an intern? Does the college choose, or do I interview the candidates?

Typically, students seeking an internship make themselves known to the Internship Director or through Career Services, and we connect them with employers interested in hiring interns. Ultimately, the choice is the employer's about who is selected. We strongly recommend that the employer meet with the student prior to making any commitments.

What's the timing involved in finding an intern to work for me? When should I advertise an opening?

Career Services will post a request for interns anytime. Ideally, employers will provide us with a request two-to-three months before the semester, or summer, begins. Typically, students schedule their semesters a couple of months before it begins.

How many hours do interns need to work?

Students serving as interns need to work at least 150 hours to earn 3 academic credits, and this can be scheduled over a 10 - 15 week period. Students can earn a maximum of 12 credits by working 600 hours; however, the working assignment may continue for more hours than what is needed for earning credits.

Does the internship need to be scheduled to match the academic calendar?

Not necessarily, although most internships take place during a semester or the summer. We are flexible with situations where the needs of the organization begin in the middle of a semester.

How do interns get graded? Am I responsible for assigning a letter grade?

As part of the employer evaluation form, we ask you to designate a letter grade. For most internships, the employer evaluation feedback comprises 50% of the student's grade for the internship, and the other half is based on written assignments and internship seminar presentations. (Internships through The Washington Center are graded using a different rubric.)

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