Internship Worksite Roles and Responsibilities

Hiring an intern is similar in many ways to hiring an entry-level employee. As with new employees, interns need some assistance with the transition into a new working environment and clear communications about what the expectations are. The difference lies in the extent to which coaching and mentoring are required. The internship is intended to be a learning experience that complements a student's academic program. Thomas College asks employers which hire our students as interns to:

  • Provide a safe working and learning environment
  • Provide a written job description for the student
  • Review the student's Learning Contract to ensure the dates, hours, tasks, and other criteria are accurate and the student's learning objectives seem reasonable and achievable within the internship context
  • Provide worksite mentoring and supervision throughout the internship; designate a mentor who will be the primary contact person and supervisor for the intern
  • Discuss the student's progress with the student at regular intervals during the internship, providing both positive and constructive feedback
  • Discuss student's progress with the faculty advisor or internship director
  • Provide comprehensive training that will prepare interns for expected work. Training should include workplace policies, safety protocol, job specific skills, and overall expectations.
  • Site mentors should provide interns the opportunity to gain a broader understanding of all areas of business operations at some time during their internship.
  • The organization is responsible for ensuring paid interns are covered by appropriate liability insurance.  Thomas College covers students who are unpaid and who are interning for college credit.
  • Complete a written student evaluation at the end of the internship (form to be provided) and return it to the internship director.

Other considerations when hiring an intern:

  • All paid interns should be considered "employees" not "independent contractors" for IRS purposes.
  • Interns may be considered "trainees" under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) if criteria are met.

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