Internship Guidelines and Requirements

Students seeking an internship need to ensure they meet the following requirements before committing to an employer:

  • At least junior class status (minimum of 60 credits completed) or two-year senior class status (minimum of 30 credits completed)
  • Good academic standing. Students must have a 2.5 GPA at the time they begin the internship, and 3.0 recommended for 12-credit internship
  • Availability of professional or general electives (not liberal arts electives) that can be replaced by the internship (3-, 6-, 9-, or 12-credit internship)
  • Total semester credits not to exceed 18 credit hours, unless student is willing to pay additional tuition for extra credits

The following guidelines are in place for an internship to qualify for college credit:

  • The internship needs to be a working experience within the student's major.
  • The job duties must provide the student with a rigorous, hands-on working experience that enables the student to apply academic learnings in a real, live work situation.
  • The internship needs to be a new learning experience. College credit cannot be granted for an existing job.
  • The internship must be supervised by a site mentor who is experienced and qualified to provide feedback and direction in that field of work.

The following are the internship course requirements:

  • Five required internship Workshops are chosen from an array of workshop opportunities offered by the career services department
  • Completion of internship with the minimum of 150 hours for a 3-credit internship, 300 hours for a 6-credit internship, 450 hours for a 9-credit internship and 600 hours for a 12-credit internship
  • Completion of weekly, two-page double-spaced, typed e-journal including three categories:

    Tasks/Activities/Duties performed that week
    Skills/Information learned that week
    Problems encountered and how they were solved that week
  • Submission of one-page weekly log with name, days, dates and hours worked each week placed in the left-hand corner. This can be added to the top of the journal for convenience.
  • Submission of an e-portfolio of artifacts (including those previously mentioned) that specifically relate to your internship learning objectives, with a written summary of each activity attached to the artifact that demonstrates its relationship to the stated objective.
  • Completion of a final oral presentation/demonstration that is open to the Thomas community and that incorporates the following:
    A demonstration of outcomes related to  the achievement of the intern's five contracted learning objectives • 207-859-1106

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