Securing An Internship

As early as sophomore year:

  • Meet with advisor and career services to make plans for an internship
  • Plan for how many credits and plan electives so internship will fit into program
  • Start to explore what functional areas are of interest and what organizations to target
  • Seek out people who have done internships or currently doing internships - attend the Internship Expo at the end of each semester, or job shadow an intern
  • Prepare a preliminary draft of learning objectives. Think about five major things you'd like to gain from an internship experience

Early junior year:

  • Complete any of the necessary steps outlined above
  • Work with advisor, career services and on your own to seek internship opportunities
  • Make sure you meet all the eligibility requirements and follow the "Student Internship Guidelines and Requirements"

Internship application:

  • As you apply for internships, keep your advisor and career services informed. Get preliminary approval from them to ensure you're on the right track.
  • Internship needs to be a new learning experience that ties in with your major; no credit for current jobs.
  • Get all the necessary information from the employer (job description, duration, number of hours per week)

Upon acceptance:

  • Finalize the learning objectives in consultation with the internship site mentor (supervisor) and academic advisor and complete the learning contract, attaching the job description if available.
  • The learning objectives need to be clearly consistent with the job description and your major, and will be used in evaluating your internship performance. 
  • Get approval and signatures from: your advisor;division chair; internship site mentor 
    (your supervisor who will oversee your work).
  • Submit the completed "Learning Contract" to career services 
  • Work with your advisor to get registered for internship course and make sure you understand the academic requirements for grading, which will be completed by division chair.

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