How the Program Works

The Thomas Internship Program is easy for employers to manage, and we are available to guide you through the process all the way. There is very little paperwork, and the rewards for both the student and the employer are significant!

The "Frequently Asked Questions" outlines how the program works. We also ask that you read the "Employer Responsibilities"

Learning Contract

Our students are required to create five learning objectives which they document on a learning contract, to be signed by their academic contacts at Thomas and you, the site mentor. The objectives need to be developed in collaboration with the internship sites, as they need to be consistent with the job description and your expectations.

View the learning contract
Student Evaluation Form

The internship program provides a hands-on learning experience for our students, and we value your feedback. Please fill out the student evaluation form at the end of the internship.
If your organization is interested in hiring an intern, please call (207) 859-1464 or email us at We will work with you to find the right student for the job!

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