Benefits of Doing an Internship

Why do an internship? Build work skills... make professional your industry knowledge... get college credits while you work.

When interns reflect on their internship experience, they often say, "I couldn't have possibly learned this in a classroom!" It's not to minimize their academic experience at all, but students realize that the hands-on experience of working for an employer provides an outstanding opportunity to apply what they have learned in the classroom to a real-life situation.

Doing an internship - student benefits

Internships provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to apply classroom knowledge and to strengthen their professional work habits.
Participation in internships provides students with a competitive advantage over other graduates with limited practical work experience.
Well-planned and well-executed internships offer students a chance to gain first-hand knowledge of an organization and an industry, helping them focus their career goals and acquire valuable job skills and work experience which will bolster their resumes.
Internships are an outstanding source of networking contacts and professional references for the students, as well as the potential for regular employment after the internship ends.Want to hear more? Why an internship is a highly recommended component of your college experience? Contact Career Services!

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