The Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan for Thomas College


Thomas College prepares students for success in their personal and professional lives, and for leadership and service in their communities.


Our students will graduate with:

  • An excellent education
  • Technological savvy
  • Exposure to and practical experience in the field
  • Innovative approaches and an entrepreneurial spirit
  • An ethic of community service
  • Leadership skills
  • Professional networks to secure a job and launch a career
  • GREAT memories that will bring them back to campus

Our Faculty and Staff believe:

  • Each and every day they will meaningfully touch the lives of our students
  • They are the greatest asset of the College
  • They work in one of the best places in Maine

Our Alumni feel:

  • Proud to be a graduate
  • Welcome to be a visitor
  • Committed to be a supporter

Employers will have:

  • A full appreciation of the value of hiring
    Thomas interns and graduates.

Core Values of Thomas College

High Touch - Support and a rich sense of Community

High Value - Affordable, flexible and a model of best business practices

High Relevance - Guaranteed Job Program & Real world internship
experiences that are relevant in today's economy.

Who is Thomas College?

THE College where students graduate with the education, professional skills, experience, network, and mentors to guarantee
they land a job and launch a career!

THE College employers trust to produce interns and employees who think, communicate, and work hard!

THE College community leaders choose to partner with because the Faculty, Staff and Students have integrity, humility, a great
work ethic and a can-do attitude!

Strategic Plan

Pillars of the Strategic Plan

  1. Academic Quality
  2. Total Student Experience
  3. Enrollment, Branding & Marketing
  4. Advancement & Governance
  5. Financial Sustainability & Administration

Transformative Outcomes

  1. Increased Student Enrollment
  2. Improved Student Retention and Graduation Rates
  3. Fulfillment of the College's Guaranteed Job Program
  4. Expanded Alumni and Business Support
  5. Successful Execution of the Campus Master Plan
  6. Achievement of a Sustainable Business Model

The Plan is:

  • Focused and Detailed
  • Bold but bridled
  • Driven by:
    • Partnership
    • Innovation
    • Sound Business Principles
    • Aggressive, modern marketing campaign

Thomas College. Beyond Education.