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How Far Are People Going? Total Miles
Brianne Gonzalez 25.3
Mikaela Shields 72.5
Nicholas Waldron 12
Fed T 149
Teak Teak 42
Yomama 110.6
Tess 45.8
Steven Lawrence 37.55
Bea Parenteau 99
Dave Adams 4
Nate R 2
 @samuncensored 11.75
Tyler H 4.5
Derek 1.5
Amanda 31
Tanner 8
Mank 41.5
Jim Delorie 6
John Oconner 24.74
Blake Bailey 16.5
 @TheOnlyExcuse 10
Allison Young 11
Jen Lemay 8.12
Carlos 3.6
Jason Robinson 2.5
Tiger mama 8.3
Kaley P 26
Lucy C 97
Taylor A 24
Lee Dioses 2
Letavian Sands 1
Jason Stevens 31.3
Lucy Charest 6
Kim Moris 8
C&L 40

1. Sign up at the Control Desk and give yourself a "Traveler name".  This is like a nickname that we will use to publicly post the mileage you travel

2. When you sign-up, indicate if you are a runner/jogger, walker, or a cyclist

3. Start traveling!  You may log mileage for laps around the track (10 laps = 1 mile), on the treadmill, or on a cycle.  All mileage must be traveled in the Alfond Athletic Center to be counted.

4. Log the distance you travel each time you visit the Athletic Center at the Front Desk using your "Traveler name".  Distances are recorded in 1/2 mi. (5 laps) increments.

5. Check the chart posted outside the Director's office to SEE your progress.  Progress is updated Weekly.  Also check on-line for updated mileage records.

6. Prizes will be awarded to three individuals who travel the furthest during each semester.  There will be one prize for the top walker, one prize for the top runner/jogger, and one for the top cyclist.

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