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Snow Removal Protocol

It's that time of year when snow will soon be covering the ground. In order to assist the maintenance staff with clearing snow from campus, we need everyone's cooperation.

The following protocol will be in effect immediately for the removal of snow in Thomas College parking lots.

Note: Public Safety will post signs on days when vehicles need to be moved. The signs will be placed on the GPH doors, Bartlett Entrance door and Townhouse 5 Door.

Public Safety will also send an e-mail to all resident students.

(Staff & Guest Parking Lots)
Buildings and Grounds will clear these lots by 7:30am.

(North Lot)(By the Auditorium)
Buildings and Grounds will have this lot cleared between

No overnight parking in this lot.

(South Lot) (By the Bookstore)
Vehicles must be out of unplowed sections by (9:30am).

(GPH Lot)
Vehicles must be removed from this lot by (10:00am).

(Village and Bartlett Lots)
Vehicles must be removed from these lots by (12:00pm).

(Townhouse Lots)
Vehicles must be removed from these lots by (2:00pm)


Vehicles not removed at the appropriate time will be fined ($50.00)

Please use caution, parking lots are closed to foot and vehicle traffic when Maintenance is plowing. When possible, use walkways instead.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation,    

Public Safety

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